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What is WRHA Virtual Library

WRHA Virtual Library resources are licensed by the University of Manitoba on behalf of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and are for educational, research, and non-commercial use by the following WRHA Employee Groups: nursing staff, technicians, professional staff, and WRHA contracted physicians. A Secretary can also obtain access if they are doing research for a Physician.

Setting up a new Employee / Physician / Resident to access WRHA Virtual Library

Please contact the Systems Analyst to have someone setup. If they are unavailable, please follow these instructions:

  1. ensure the individual has a WRHA login. If they don't, see ACMT form. Wait for the account to be created, then-
  2. email the WRHA Virtual Library [mailto:WRHA.VirtualLibrary@umanitoba.ca here].

See: https://libguides.lib.umanitoba.ca/wrha/access

Removing access to WRHA Virtual Library

See Remove Users Access to an Application at WRHA.

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