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Disabling a wiki account


When a person who has a page on this wiki leaves:

  1. use the "what links here" link in toolbar on left or related articles link on the bottom of their page to review and reconcile any links going to and from the page
    • if the person held a role, remove their name from the role page, and replace it with new person if there is one.
    • in case of GFT physicians make sure to remove them from supporting secretary's page
  2. edit their wiki page to tell that they are no longer working with us. Keep it neutral. Use something like this:
{{PAGENAME}} was a bee keeper in our department in the Section of Bee Keeping. 
{{Discuss| If they retired put name and template, e.g. John {{Retired | replace this with retirement date}}.

 Replace this with something like "John worked with us until August 22, 2018." if they did not retire. }}

{{Discuss | If appropriate, give a link to a successor or successor's role who someone who searched for the person might talk to instead. }}

<!-- put some brief info validating the content, e.g. "Dale said so 2018-11-11" between these marks; they will hide it from regular view but show it when editing, so if someone were to put a question / discussion about it they would see this.  -->

[[Category: Former employee]]

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