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Information System Info
Information System: VIP Terminal Server
Main Contact:
WRHA / U of M Network:
Access Form: No

System used to access VIP by people who are not on the U of M network.

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Setting up VIP Terminal Server

Contact the Systems Analyst or Systems Support Analyst. If they are unavailable, do this:

  1. on your computer, search for Remote Desktop Connection;
  2. click on "Remote Desktop Connection;"
  3. under computername, enter;
  4. click on "show options" so that username is shown;
  5. enter "ad\your UMNetID";
  6. Click save, and save to your desktop as "VIP" without the quotes;
  7. Go to your desktop and click on VIP;
  8. If at some point you are prompted with "The identity of the remote computer cannot be identified..." click on "Do not ask me again for connections to this computer" and then click on "Yes."

Getting access to VIP Terminal Server

Usually the Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst does this; otherwise there may be a delay in getting access.

Email the U of M Service Desk: Subject:

 Request for access to VIP Terminal Server 


Please give the person x with a [[UMNetID]] of <person's umnet ID> access to the VIP Terminal Server. 

This usually takes just a few days.

Removing access to VIP Terminal Server

Troubleshooting VIP Terminal Server

See: Troubleshooting VIP Terminal Server.

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