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Information System Info
Information System: VIP Terminal Server
Main Contact:
WRHA / U of M Network:
Access Form: No

System used to access VIP by people who are not on the U of M network.

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Setting up VIP Terminal Server

Interro-01.gif If the software needs to be installed on a computer or similar, document here. It talks about Remote Desktop below... are there instructions how to set this up?

Getting access to VIP Terminal Server

Email the U of M Service Desk: Subject:

 Request for access to VIP Terminal Server 


Please give the person x with a [[UMNetID]] of <person's umnet ID> access to the VIP Terminal Server. 
Interro-01.gif Do they not require a reason? Can anyone send this or just Tom?

This usually takes just a few days.

Removing access to VIP Terminal Server

Re-setting the password for VIP

  • First, grab the name of the VIP Terminal Server by going into Remote Desktop Connection and copying the name of the server from there. For security reasons, it's not displayed here. Or ask the Systems Analyst or Systems Support Analyst for the name.
  1. Email the IT Servicedesk and have a ticket created. You would use the text below:


Reset password on VIP Terminal Server for <put your name> <put your [[UMNetID]]>. 


The VIP Terminal Server at (insert from #1 name of server) is not allowing me to reset my VIP Terminal Server password as I'm behind the WRHA firewall. This is not the password to VIP. I'm located at (insert where you are at). I need to urgently do payroll (or whatever reason). Please reset this ASAP. Please refer to Service Request #690900 to determine who to assign this to.
  • You will receive an email within a few minutes with a Service Request #.
  • Your must now phone the IST Servicedesk at 204-474-8600 and refer them to your Service Request #. Ask them to assign the task immediately to the correct team/person as you need to do payroll. If they are unsure which team to assign it to refer them to the body of the email you sent (not your Service Request #)-ie. they can look up Service Request #690900.

Roles using this information system

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