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Information System: VIP
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Main Contact: Systems Analyst
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The U of M's HR system

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What is VIP

VIP is a University of Manitoba system which is used to administer human resources, benefits and payroll.

The Systems Analyst would fill out the forms for access and termination to VIP. If the Systems Analyst is away, please follow the following process(es):

Setting up a new employee in VIP

  1. Ensure individual has a UMNetID. If they don't, have one created. See Arrange for computer access at U of M.
    1. For Non-U of M Employees, use the form called [Non-U of M Employees System Access] and the form called the PIF form. Right now as at July 27th, 2018 you should get both forms from Beniamino Di Geronimo <>.
    2. For U of M employees, fill in the form called VIP Access. On the form, pitfalls to watch out for:
      1. Please ensure you choose the proper box for "user's area versus the Department (unit)": Positions within user's area only - This would give access to positions with the department/program which the employee works in only. (If someone performs administrative functions on behalf of employees in a Faculty office but not any of the associated department, this is the option to choose); All Positions within and reporting to the unit's area
      2. Have the Non-U of M Employees System Access form signed by the user as well as the Managing Director. The PIF form is only signed by the user.
  2. Send the forms to for now (as of July 27, 2018) instead of, along with the Payroll Groups the person needs access to.
  3. If the individual is not on the U of M IST network they require access to the VIP Terminal Server

Cancelling an employee's access to VIP

  • If only VIP access is to be removed, to terminate access, please email the HR Systems Analyst, Geoffrey Hui
  • If user accessed from outside of the U of M IST network, also cancel VIP Terminal Server.
  • If the user is leaving the Department, please follow the instructions here: Terminating Computer Access at U of M

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