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This page is an index for other pages that hold instructions for using Entrada.

instructions broken out into other pages

Updating Email address to preferred email address

  • Click on name in upper right corner
  • change primary address to preferred email address
  • Click on Save in blue square lower right corner

    • 2020-2021
    • Rotations set up
    • click name of program to the left
    • click on rotation set
    • click on pencil beside the word draft in a box
    • click on author
    • search for the PA you want to have access to your schedule


Creating new forms

  • Part 1 - for creating the title of the section
    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Items
    • Grouped Items
    • Add new grouped item
    • Add it title
  • Part 2 - for adding in items in the form
    • select form
    • select pencil
    • create & attach new item
    • create new item

Triggering a field note Instructions on how to trigger a Field Note:

  • Faculty have the capability in Entrada to trigger an EPA, and as well a generic form called a “Field Note”.
    • (note from Suzanne – it might work slightly different than this, as my Entrada access is different than an attendings)
  1. Log in to Entrada
  2. Go to Admin (top black banner)
  3. Select Assessment & Evaluation
  4. Select Trigger Assessment (mid-screen in green box)
  5. A white screen will appear labelled Assessment Tools
  6. Select Resident – in this section you first need to select the current academic year by clicking the +sign
  7. Then search for the resident name
  8. Then under Filter Form Type, select Generic
  9. Select date of encounter
  10. Then select blue “Get Tools”
  11. Search for Field Note – the form Gastroenterology – Field Note Form on GI Residents will appear
  12. Or
  13. Search for an EPA
  14. Select Send Assessment

  • Adding a resident as a Community Administrator
  1. go to the folder
  2. select the gear to the right of the folder, click edit folder


  1. Add them as a member, and then promote person to administrator
  2. go to community
  3. go to member
  4. select the member (click on small square box)
  5. then on lower right - select member action
  6. and select promote to administrator

Creating Grouped Items and Items for Evaluation Forms

  • To be done before you create the form
  1. go to Assessment and Evaluation
  2. go to Items
  3. go to Grouped Items
  4. click add a new grouped item
  5. enter title as: Name of Canmed - Name of Program - Name of Rotation
  6. select rating scale
  7. click add grouped item and go to edit grouped item
  8. under permissions - select Program and then enter the name of the program from the drop down list
  9. click save
  10. click create and attach a new item
  11. In description - enter each question individually (number them)
  12. click save
  13. To enter next question
  14. click create & attach a new item
  15. under permissions - select program and then enter the name of the program from the drop down list
  16. click save

Creating the Form after Grouped Items and Items Have Been Created

  1. go to Admin
  2. go to Assessment and Evaluation
  3. go to Forms
  4. click Add Form (NOTE: when creating the form for the first time save it as a draft ex) Draft - Date - Type of Form - Program - Rotation
    1. when you are satisfied with the form you can rename it by removing Draft and Date
  5. select Form Type
    1. NOTE: A supervisor form is used for EPA's and the generic form is used for ITAR's, CSA etc.
  6. click Add Form
  7. click On-Demand Workflow and select Other Assessment Form
  8. under permissions - select Program and then enter the name of the program from the drop down list
  9. click Save
  10. add your Items
  11. add your Grouped Items
  12. click Attach Selected Grouped Items

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Instructions to learners

Discuss.gif The following really seem to be instructions to learners... how do we make sure they get them? do we have a page for instructions to learners on this wiki yet? Like a resident portal? Should we?

Instructions not yet broken out

Learning Events - how to edit comments in reports of Learning Events (add a "reviewer")

Discuss.gif What is this actually about, what would be the title of the broken out page?
  • Open up distributions
  • find your distribution
  • select cog wheel then select edit dis
  • go to the last step
  • select reviewers
  • select reviewer is required for this assessment
  • type in / choose preferred name (usually it is just the PA)
      • this lets the reviewer approve ALL event evaluations, and allows reviewer to edit / and / or delete comments....however, then you need to approve all event evaluations by all residents for every single event occurrence.

Allow Chief & Senior Residents to view Training Schedule for all Rotators

  • Email Entrada the names of the Chief Resident / Senior Resident
  • Go to Admin, then clinical experience, find the name of the rotation, select the pencil, add the resident name

To do finish clean-up of this page and general Entrada instructions

Wherever folks mention Entrada we need to see if any of these instructions should be linked, or if things are described that don't have a page yet, break them out.

PAGE TO BE BROKEN OUT AT SOME POINT Leave Tracking, top tab asse & eval, scroll to very bottom, select your resident, look for green button add leave


Locating Training Materials for Admins

  • go to Communities
  • Entrada PGME Program Assistants
  • Select Announcements
  • Look for "Entrada 1.18 version release" [not the 1.18 release issues]
  • look in the box below - click on one of the links w small text in the larger box - aim for the top link
  • Look for "For Administrators" mid screen
  • Look for "User Documents" on the left
  • 4 red folders will appear
  • expand all the folders
  • and look for the 4th red folder - "How to Documents" (under User Documents-V 1.18)

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