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This page is an index for other pages that hold instructions for using Entrada.

instructions broken out into other pages

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Instructions to learners

Discuss.gif The following really seem to be instructions to learners... how do we make sure they get them? do we have a page for instructions to learners on this wiki yet? Like a resident portal? Should we?

Instructions not yet broken out

Learning Events - how to edit comments in reports of Learning Events (ad a "reviewer"

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  • Open up distributions
  • find your distribution
  • select cog wheel then select edit dis
  • go to the last step
  • select reviewers
  • select reviewer is required for this assessment
  • type in / choose preferred name (usually it is just the PA)
      • this lets the reviewer approve ALL event evaluations, and allows reviewer to edit / and / or delete comments....however, then you need to approve all event evaluations by all residents for every single event occurrence.

Allow Chief & Senior Residents to view Training Schedule for all Rotators

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To do finish clean-up of this page and general Entrada instructions

Wherever folks mention Entrada we need to see if any of these instructions should be linked, or if things are described that don't have a page yet, break them out.

PAGE TO BE BROKEN OUT AT SOME POINT Leave Tracking, top tab asse & eval, scroll to very bottom, select your resident, look for green button add leave

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