Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) Ward Rotation Exit Interview

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Students discuss their Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) Ward Rotation experience on the Clinical Teaching Units at the teaching hospitals.

This is a one hour session where students meet with the Program Director, who conducted their Ward Orientation. The Exit Interview takes place anytime between 1-3pm. This is at the discretion of the Program Director.

The Exit Interview is conducted at HSC ONLY. It usually takes place on the last Thursday of their Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) Ward Rotation. The reason for this being that Undergraduate Academic Half Day takes place on Thursday afternoons and all the students will be gathering at HSC for this session already. The exception to this would be when an NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) exam is scheduled on that Thursday.

In this case, the Exit Interview would take place on the Friday as the timing of the exam would conflict with the timing of the Exit Interview (between 1-3pm).

Contact the Dean's Office for a schedule of the NBME examinations for the Academic year. Also, make sure to pay attention to STAT holidays that fall on Fridays.

How to Organize an Exit interview

1. Secure the Program Director- Email them with the date and ask what time they would like (between 1-3pm).

2. Book a room- Contact Corporate Office for HSC room or the Dean's Office for a U of M room (If Undergraduate Academic Half Day is in Theater E you could also have the Exit Interview in Theater E)

3. Create a memo- Can be found in the Q drive under "Orientation and Exit Interview" folder

4. Populate and publish event on OPAL- Upload memo to OPAL

5. Send out a reminder to students and preceptor a few days before the Exit Interview is scheduled

6. Meet with the Program Director to go over student evaluation forms. You should email the Program Director or speak with them in person to set up a time for this.

Exit Interview Student Evaluation Packages

During the Exit Interview the students will evaluate 2 preceptors they worked with. These preceptors are pre-assigned by the Program Director and the Undergraduate Program Administrator during their meeting (#6 above.

Please note that the students do not choose who they evaluate. The students also fill-out a Ward evaluation. Therefore, each student at the Exit Interview receives a package containing 3 pages: 2 preceptor evaluation forms and 1 Ward evaluation form.

These forms are anonymous. Students do NOT need to put their name on the evaluations.

Once the Exit Interview is completed, the Program Director takes all of the evaluations and records them. Once they are finished recording, they will give the forms to the Undergraduate Program Administrator to keep/ file.

Observed History and Physical Form

Students must hand in their completed Observed History and Physical form to the Program Director during their Exit Interview. Each student receives one form at the beginning of the CTU Rotation and must have their preceptor complete it by the end of the CTU rotation.

If this form is not handed in/ not completed, then the Undergraduate Program Administrator must make sure that the student does not receive their [[ FITER]] until the form has been received.

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