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Academic Half Day
When: Thursday 15:00 - 17:00
Where: usually Theatre E
Contact: Undergraduate Program Administrator (Tammy Posillipo)

What is Undergraduate Internal Medicine Academic Half Day?

Undergraduate Internal Medicine Academic Half Day (AHD) is composed of multiple 2-hour sessions (two topics per session = 1 hour per topic) designed to educate students on a variety of topics within Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Students going through Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine will go to an Academic Half day once a week.

Emergency Medicine will put on the first few sessions and Internal Medicine will do the remaining 9.

The topics for AHD do not change. There are 16 Internal Medicine topics in total. Some topic examples are: Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Asthma and ECG.

Each topic is taught 4 times throughout the Academic year.

Each AHD session has 2 groups of Med 3 students in attendance:

  • Block 1: Group 5 and 6
  • Block 2: Group 3 and 4
  • Block 3: Group 1 and 2

The Dean's Office will send the Undergraduate Program Administrator the dates for Academic Half Day. From there, the Undergraduate Program Administrator will need to recruit preceptors to teach the sessions, create a schedule and populate the events on OPAL.

How to Set Up Academic Half Day Schedule

  • The schedule from the previous block is on the Q drive under Academic Half Day. The Dean's Office will send the dates for the new year. Populate the schedule with the new dates.

This Q drive... is it only visible to the undergrad PA? Who else has access to it? We should make sure this is documented under Department file share and under the Undergraduate Program Administrator role. Tom might know more about this. User:Ttenbergen 21:51, 21 November 2018 (CST)

  • Some of the preceptors will always take care of certain talks ie: Dr. T. Hutchinson will always do 'Hypertension' and Dr. Semus will always do 'Syncope'.
  • Ask the preceptor who did the talks last year if they are able to do the dates for the upcoming academic year. Send the dates for all four sessions (each topic is done 4 times throughout the Academic year). If, for some reason they would be unavailable, they will likely find someone to fill their spot. If not, you can email the Program Administrator of that program and ask who will be filling in.
  • It is up to each department to decide who does the talks.
  • The Dean's Office will book the rooms for the AHD sessions. They usually take place in Theatre E.
  • You can start populating OPAL with the schedule information at any time.

Academic Half Day Information on OPAL

  • To see what needs to be uploaded, look at the previous year under Learning Resources (on OPAL).
  • All of the files that are uploaded to the " Learning Resources" section can be found on the Q drive under Academic Half Day/Thurs PM folder.
  • Some examples are: case studies, case study questions, pre-assigned case study lists

Pre-assigned Case Study Lists

  • The Undergraduate Program Administrator will need to create pre-assigned case study lists for certain AHD sessions. This is a list of students who are responsible for answering pre-assigned questions during this session. This list is posted on OPAL so the students can prepare accordingly. It is also sent to the preceptor so they know which students will be answering the questions.
  • Look on the Q drive under AHD/Thurs PM/ Class 2019/ to find the Pre-Assigned Case Question folder. This will show you which sessions need these questions ( 7 in total).
  • Next, take the students from the groups involved in AHD and divide up the questions amongst them. Try to keep it as even as possible.

Academic Half Day Sign-in Sheets

  • To have the students sign the sheet, the Undergraduate Program Administrator must go to the AHD session approximately 10 minutes before it starts to catch students on their way into class and get them to sign the sheet. DO NOT PASS THE SHEET AROUND THE ROOM. This takes far too long.
  • If a student is missing, email them to find out why they were absent. Usually they are ill or they came late to class and did not sign the sheet.

Academic Half Day Reminders for Preceptors

  • Send out Academic Half Day reminders before the next AHD block begins. Preceptors will sign-in up for AHD months in advance and are not expected to remember all the dates.
  • Send all of the Tutorial and Objective information for each session to the preceptor. This can be found under the Q drive in AHD/Thurs PM folder.
  • Send out an AHD reminder a week before, or the Monday of the AHD. This is an extra step that helps to cover any possible missed AHD sessions.
  • If known, cc the preceptors secretary or the Program Administrator.

If a Preceptor Does Not Show Up

  • Make sure to have the paging numbers with you.

This shouldn't be an issue as long as you are sending out AHD reminders

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