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Information System Info
Information System: UmIntMed Wiki
Main Contact: Systems Analyst, Process Quality and Technology Analyst
WRHA / U of M Network:
Access Form: No

This wiki is the UmIntMed wiki.

Education Requirement

  • SMW

Old style inline, don't mess with a working system

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Setting up UmIntMed Wiki

Nothing to set up, it's web based.

Getting access to UmIntMed Wiki

Anyone can read the wiki, no account needed. To get access to edit the wiki, the Systems Analyst will set up an account according to Setting up a new wiki user. An account can be set up for any department member or administrative staff who requests one. Some people will automatically get an account based on having a Role with the responsibility to update the wiki.

Removing access to UmIntMed Wiki

See Wiki updates when a person leaves.

Roles using this information system

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