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This article is intended to be a how to article on Booking, Travelling, and getting someone reimbursed for Travel using an HSC/WRHA account. See Travel - UofM instead for U of M travel.

Process for WRHA travel claims

Step A: Obtain travel pre-approval (mandatory).

  1. WRHA Travel Policy](internal website) states that BEFORE any travel utilizing funds housed in HSC accounts (SPA) is booked prior approval is required. Note that if no travel pre-approval was been obtained prior to departure, the Travel Pre Approval form has to be submitted with a request for “after travel” approval. Same signatures required (3 for SPA’s) plus WRHA CFO.
    1. WRHA Travel Preapproval Form: Media:WRHA_Preapproval_Travel_Form.xlsx
      2. Three(3) Signatures are required:
        1. Account Admin’s signature- principal investigator
        2. Level 7 signature (if no level 7 then your level 6)- Physician Services Manager
        3. Signature from one(1) of the following:Kathy Doerksen, Carrie Fruehm, Perry Gray, or Jennifer Bjarnarson
        4. Vision travel requires an expense code: either 562 310 000 local travel or 562 312 000 travel outside Winnipeg to process claims.
        5. Email the Pre-approval request form to to obtain pre-approval and an RN#.
        6. If prior approval is not obtained and travel reimbursement is required, approval from Shelley Hopkins is required.
          1. Submit to for Christine Logan and request approval from Shelley through Christine.
  2. A booking reference number "RN #" will be sent to you via email and at that point you can book the travel with the WRHA Travel Provider.
  3. The traveler is responsible to pay the hotel bill(if applicable) and will be reimbursed.
  4. After the travel has occurred original receipts must accompany one of the following forms:
  5. Submit expenses. The form you use is dependent on if the person is a staff member or HSC/Shared Health or not:
    1. WRHA Staff member:
      1. WRHA Expense Claim Reimbursement Form: Media: WRHA Expense Claim Reimbursement Form.xlsx
      2. Expense claim forms must have original receipts attached. WRHA Finance will not accept photocopies.
    2. Non-WRHA Staff member:
      1. WRHA Cheque Requisition:WRHA cheque requisition
      2. Expense claim forms must have original receipts attached. WRHA Finance will not accept photocopies.
      3. The expense claim forms must be authorized and signed by the appropriate Physician Services Manager.
    3. Mail expense claim forms to Finance 791 Notre Dame Avenue and the recipient will receive a cheque in the mail from WRHA (HSC) Finance department.

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