Transcription Reporting

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The department has a transcription reporting tool to help understand the transcription workload.

More info to come once the details settle down, for now talk to Tina Tenbergen.

Importing PDAT Job Queue data

The following steps will be automated further when the process settles down.

  1. make a copy of the Access DB
  2. delete previous import tables, and run query "pdat_purge" to empty the "PDAT Jobs" table
  3. compact and repair
  4. External Data, Text File, Append... radio button, Choose "PDAT_Jobs", Browse for file, click OK
  5. click Advance button, then Specs button, pick "PDAT_Jobs" (this loads the specs of which columns to save as what data type), Click OK
  6. Click "Finish" (don't need to click "Next" since the spec has loaded all the nexts
  7. Read the finish report to make sure there was no unexpected data leading to unexpected errors. If there is, further troubleshooting is required.
  8. run query "pdat_pre_2014_purge" to drop old data to get a manageable amount of data.