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Information System: SuccessFactors
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WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
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SuccessFactors is the recruiting tool used in hiring WRHA employees.

  • Before any information is entered into SuccessFactors a position budget request form must be completed with details of the position and most importantly the source of funding.
  • The PSM emails the request to HSC Budgets and after approval is received, the PSM will call HRSS and request an ESF be created which will initiate the vacancy in SuccessFactors.
  • PSMs Log into Success Factors and the start of the onboarding process begins.

How to run seniority reports in SuccessFactors

      1. Click on Recruiting tab and click on requisition # to view candidiates
      2. Click on Candidates
      3. Go back to home page and click on Run seniority reports need Req#
      4. Click on seniority report then under job requisition tab, click on action and open drop down menu click on free text
      5. In the Enter a value box enter the requisition # and click on OK
      6. Candidate seniority info click on action arrow and open drop down menu and click on EDIT
      7. Either choose appropriate local union by unclicking the default option and choose the appropriate option and click on OK
      8. Click on generate report
      9. Want to export it into EXCEL and sort by seniority hours in EXCEL then save.

  • Recent additions include:
  • SuccessFactors Org Chief Notifications
  • SuccessFactors Candidate Notifications
  • Guide to Completing the New Employee Step for Onboarding
  • Site HR Troubleshooting Guide
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Setting up SuccessFactors

Getting access to SuccessFactors

Removing access to SuccessFactors

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