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SuccessFactors is the recruiting tool used in hiring WRHA employees.

  • Log into Success Factors

Recent changes to SuccessFactors


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  • System-generated email notifications to Org Chiefs have been updated to provide more information – including position control numbers, FTE start date, next steps, and links to How To info
  • Email notifications to internal and external candidates have also been updated to provide more information and links to resources
  • Candidates will receive an email notification to advise if they were not awarded the position or the competition has been otherwise closed. This notification will go out 72 hours after HR Shared Services closes the requisition, allowing you time to contact unsuccessful candidates personally if you wish. Watch your email for notification of the requisition closure.
  • Recent additions include:
  • SuccessFactors Org Chief Notifications
  • SuccessFactors Candidate Notifications
  • Guide to Completing the New Employee Step for Onboarding
  • Site HR Troubleshooting Guide

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