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Policy: Statistical Consulting
Policy Nr: Sec 10 - 06
Target Review Date: 2017-05-01
Main Stakeholder: Head Statistician

The Department of Internal Medicine has 2 full-time statisticians available to help with grant proposals, study design, and analysis of data. Our goal is to encourage more and better department research by faculty and residents. The statisticians are here to help you. While some cost recovery from users of the statistician time is an explicit goal, cost will never be an impediment to getting support. The cost is subsidized by the department. The subsidized rate is $320 per day. Another component of the philosophy of providing statistics service is to provide a certain amount of it gratis, or at a further reduced fee to those less able to pay (eg. students with no funds, start-up or pilot studies).



Interested parties will contact the Head Statistician (Dr. Leigh Anne Shafer) to arrange an appointment. She will estimate the time needed for your project. If it is a short request (e.g. sample size calculation, review of a project proposal, minor analysis for a student research day poster) she will likely do the work herself and provide the completed work within days. Projects of longer duration may be assigned to either one of the department statisticians. The initial contact, meeting, and estimate of time to complete the project, are always free-of-charge.


A certain percentage of the department statistician time (up to 20%) is reserved for "short duration" projects (sample size, etc.) so that if a relatively quick piece of work is required, the queue wait time is not long. The remainder of the department statistician time is spent on medium to long-term projects.

Service Availability

These services are generally restricted for use by members of the Department of Internal Medicine. However, in select cases, availability allowing, personnel of other departments may avail themselves of these services, at a higher (non-subsidized) daily rate.

Availability to Trainees

To avail themselves of departmental statistical consulting services for a given project, trainees (medical students, residents, fellows) must have a faculty member of the Department of Internal Medicine as their advisor for that project.

Funded Grants

Consulting services related to existing funded grants will be charged for statistical support.

Research Grant Proposals

For consulting related to development of research grant proposals:

  • The expectation for all such consulting is that the Head Statistician will be included as a named collaborator on the grant.

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