Startup Costs for Research

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Policy: Startup Costs for Research
Policy Nr: Sec 05 - 03
Target Review Date: 2019-02-18
Main Stakeholder: Finance Manager


At the discretion and approval of the Department Head, department overhead may be used as start-up funds for research to individuals with protected research time.

Start-up funds are to be used to establish research projects, matching funds for competitive grants, equipment, technical support including support staff for research projects and other activities to support research development in the department.

The funds will be held in a "300000" series U of M FOAP managed by the Physician Services Managers or in special circumstances, in an SAP internal order at the teaching hospitals. All funds are subject to the level of accountability applied by either the University of Manitoba or the site. Invoices are paid from these funds using the appropriate policies and procedures of the institutions holding the funds. (i.e. EPIC for University held funds, or SAP for HSC/WRHA held funds).

While start-up funds may not be expended in the first year, carry-over for a further two-year period will be approved. Carry-over of funds for subsequent years will require Department Head approval, in consultation with the Section Head and investigator.

Any residual funds from start-up costs for research will also revert to the Department of Internal Medicine at time of resignation, retirement, or termination.

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