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Information System: Skype Installation - WRHA Network
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WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA Network
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an application sharing and conferencing service that you can use for presentations or interviews.

This article is intended to be an explanation about the process on how the Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst get Skype installed on the WRHA network. Skype is an application that can be used for conferencing, interviews, or presentation.

This article is not intended to get Skype installed on the U of M Network, that is located here Skype Installation - U of M Network.


  1. Obtain the host name by logging in the computer on which Skype is to be installed and going to the lower right hand corner of the desktop. There you will find the host name.
  2. Create an incident requesting for Skype installation and send to servicedesk with subject of “HSC Desktop” or “St. B. Desktop" followed by "Installation of Skype on host name XXXXXXXX"
  3. The body of the email should contain:
    1. username
    2. computer name
    3. contact information
    4. reason why Skype is being installed.
  4. Send email to and wait for incident number
  5. Send incident number to Manitoba eHealth Business Solutions Advisor to escalate. Explain the reason why it is being escalated.

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