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Only users with accounts can edit the internal medicine wiki. Only members of the administrator group can set up these accounts.

set up mediawiki account

  • check if user already exists: User List; if not, create account
    1. click Special:CreateAccount or go to special pages and click the "Create account" link
    2. enter the person's login id (all lowercase, might include numbers) into the "Username" field
    3. click checkbox "Use a temporary random password and send it to the specified email address"
    4. the email address - make sure this is correct, the wiki will use it to send the user a password
    5. enter the full real name in "Real name (optional)"
    6. click "Create account" button
    7. email the person to explain to them that they now have a wiki account and direct them to the UmIntMed Wiki Users Guide.

set up person page

create re-direct from user account

  • redirect their user page to their person page
    • open Special:ListUsers and click on the new user's red link
    • add the following to the article, replacing <name of their article> with the actual one:
      •  #redirect:[[<name of their article>]]
    • save the article

user rights

Only members of the administrator group on the wiki have rights to set up a new user. To make a user an administrator:

  1. copy the user name and go to Special:Userrights and paste the name there; click "Edit user groups" button
  2. check the checkbox for administrator and click the "save user groups" button.

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