Setting up Digital Health email on an android cell phone

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This page intends to explain how to set up Email/Outlook Access on a WRHA android Cell phone. You can also setup to synchronize your calendar and contacts to your device using this method.

This page does not intend to explain how to setup Email/Outlook Access for U of M email, see Accessing U of M email from a personal cell phone.

To access email from a personal cell phone, see Accessing WRHA email from a personal cell phone as well.

There is also a page that explains how to update the Digital Health email password on an android cell phone.

Setting up a new account

  • go to emails
  • tap the hamburger button (☰)
  • tap the gear icon
  • tap "Add new account"
  • enter your Digital Health email address, e.g. and password
  • tap "manual setup" at bottom left
  • tap "Microsoft exchange ActiveSync"
  • use ntdwrha\username (e.g. ntdwrha\jdoe) as the domain\username
  • change the exchange server name to
  • you may get a message "Apply security settings? ..."; if so, click apply
  • tap "activate"
  • you will receive an email back from the Digital Health Servicedesk with some information. Forward this email, together with your cell number to the Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst who will fill out a form and send it back to you.

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