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This page describes how to send out initial session and survey invites as part of CPD Tracking. If a survey needs to be re-send, see Re-sending a LimeSurvey.

Creating and Distributing a Survey

  1. Create New Survey button
  2. Copy tab on the top left side
    • Select the survey to copyFind the last survey from the Doctor presenting today
    • New survey titleEnter the same title but with new date (make sure it follows the CPD Tracking survey naming convention or it will not show corretly in the reports that go out to participants!)
    • Hit Copy survey at the bottom
    • Hit Go to survey at the bottom
  3. UnderSurvey menuon the left hand side, select Email templates
    • Change the date in the body of the email & verify other information
    • Hit Save on the top right hand side
  4. Under Survey Settings on the left hand side, select Publications & Access
    • Enter Start date/time and choose date 2 weeks from day of rounds as the Expiry date/time (see #Expiry time for more info)
    • Hit Save on the top right hand side
  5. Select Activate this survey
  6. Hit Save & activate survey at the bottom
  7. Hit Switch to closed-access mode
  8. Hit Initialize participant table, then Continue
  9. Select View in CPDB
    • Select Display CPDB Participants
    • In your appropriate section box, type in the first letter for the type of round, for example: Pathology Rounds = P, press enter and wait until it filters participants
    • Check off the action box to select all
    • Scroll to the bottom and hit Selected participant(s) drop down and select Add participants to survey
    • If any participants are not on the list, have them added (Don't use the "create..." button in survey, see Managing participants in LimeSurvey)
  10. Under Survey drop down, find and select the days pathology rounds (last entry on the bottom)
  11. Display survey tokens after adding? select yes and next
  12. Scroll to the bottom and hit Continue' then Close for the map participants attributes box that displays
  13. Select Generate Tokens and Yes
  14. Invitations & reminders drop down tab on the top and select Send email invitations
    • Check the email information (date and pathologist name)
    • Scroll down and hit Send invitations
    • Hit Close at top right hand side

Expiry time

We give session participants a week of time after the session to enter feedback and get credit for the session. See Limesurvey survey entries after survey closing date if someone asks for it to be re-opened after that.

Adding new participants

See Managing participants in LimeSurvey

Confirming that a survey was sent

If you need to know that an invite was sent to a specific participant, navigate to the survey, then to its token table, and then check that there is a date in the “Invitation sent?” column.

Participant not receiving survey

If participants are not receiving invites, here are some possible reasons:

  • does the email end up in their spam folder? Ask them to check
  • do they actually get included in the list of recipients? Check your filter criteria
  • are others receiving emails? If whole groups of people are not receiving emails contact support (see LimeSurvey CPD Tracking).
  • have the tokens been generated?

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