Section Head Review Committee

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Name: Section Head Review Committee
Function: Section Head Reviews

Note: This committee composition is different than that of a regular Search Committee, and is only relevant to Section Head Reviews.


The Section Head Review Committee shall consist of:

  • The Department Head or delegate will chair the committee, and the Department Head shall be an ex-officio member of the committee.
  • Three (3) non-candidate section members selected by the section. If a section has three members or less, then the section as a whole will serve on the committee.
  • One student, normally a resident.
  • Two (2) persons appointed by the Department Head in consultation with the Dean.
  • Two (2) additional persons may be appointed by the Department Head in consultation with the teaching hospitals.

If the Committee Chair plus the three elected members do not result in an equal female-to-male ratio, then one of the appointees of the Department Head must be of the same gender as the minority.

All documentation and discussions are confidential. Minutes are not circulated prior to the meeting, but are distributed at the meeting.


This committee deals with the following policies:

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