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We need a way to document the different administrative support activities that happen in sections to meet the followign needs:

  • facilitate vacation coverage
  • facilitate grouping by task type or physician or administrative person for different use cases
  • make it easy to edit any part of this and still fit in with the structure

I propose that we do this by changing the Program Secretary pages to "<section> Admin Support" (e.g. Hepatology Admin Support) pages - this will remove the discussion of Secretary II or III. On those pages we would list the individual responsibilities as structured data:

  • doer (if all, then leave blank)
  • recipient (if all then leave blank)
  • task category (e.g. mail, dictation, whatever would have been a heading before)
  • details (what is done and how, with enough detail for an new, uninitiated secretary to complete the task)

I have set up the tools on the wiki to do this: Template:AdmDuty. I have also created an example page: Hepatology Admin Support. Once we test and settle that this can hold our data I will add the ability to populate the template to Form:Role so it's easy.

DiscussMeeting.png PSM Meeting Feedback for storage method for Section Admin Support info

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