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This page provides additional pointers for finding pages on this wiki when the intuitive use of the "search" function doesn't find what you are looking for.

Searching by name

You can search for an article from the search bar on the left.

If typing and then hitting enter takes you to an article other than you want, click the "containing..." in the dropdown that shows up rather than hitting enter after typing your search term.

use short, rare search terms

Mediawiki doesn't search as smart as google, it's just a keyword search. So, if you are searching for the dermatology department head, rather than searching for "dermatology department head" (which is not what the article is called - it's a section head...), search for the rarest word likely present in any article about this, in this case, dermatology. The article Section Head - Dermatology is among the first 4 found.

use wildcards

The search engine can handle the wildcard character *. You can use it if you are not sure about the ending of a word, or if a singular or plural was used. For example, if you search for "Polic*" it would find Policy and Policies (and Police if we had it...)

Searching by cateogry

If you can't find the page you are looking for that way, but you find related pages, open one of them and look at the "Categories" at the bottom of the page. If one of those should also contain the page you are looking for, open that category and check for the page you are looking for in there.

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