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Search Committees for the department follow University of Manitoba standards.


Membership: all search committees below:

Representation may be drawn from other than the hiring Department. Search Committees are encouraged to include members of other under-represented groups wherever possible:

  • Resident.
  • Nurse/Technology Manager.
  • Clinical Investigator if the proposed position description contains a significant research component.

GFT Search Committee

The Search Committee shall consist of:

  • Chair of the Committee
  • Five (5) full-time academic members
  • One student, normally a resident
  • Up to two (2) persons appointed by the Department Head in consultation with the Dean

If the Committee Chair plus the five full-time academic members do not result in an equal female-to-male ratio, then one of the appointees of the Department Head must be of the same gender as the minority.

E-mail the proposed Search Committee members to the Dean's office for approval. Once approved, you may complete the Summary of Search.

UMFA Search Committee

The Search Committee would normally be composed of 5 individuals more or less and represent both genders and one student/resident.


Chairs of Search Committees must be trained in all relevant University policies and procedures for searches, including employment equity.


Workshops are held periodically through out the year by the VP Office – Employment Equity, and can be enrolled in via the UofM Learning System and click on "Course Registration".


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