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SBH ID badges are used for identification and for building access at the St. Boniface Hospital.


Discuss.gif Is there any reason why the hiring manager would not just fill out the form themselves? By delegating this task to site contacts the manager instead ends up tracking whether it has been done, so doesn't necessarily save time.
  • The contact at SBH is the Admin for the section and they are delegated by the hiring manager to do the paperwork for the individual to obtain an ID badge. Plus the MGRs here at HSC are not recognized to do this task at SBH. This question can be removed as well.
    • If Mgrs at HSC can't fill it out then how can the instruction above for geriatrics be followed?

Returning a badge

Discuss.gif There seems to be s different process for External Elective - PGME - Trainees from other Institutions Coming to the University of Manitoba - should that be? User:Ttenbergen 23:26, 14 October 2018 (CDT)

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