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What is SAP

SAP is the software WRHA/HSC uses for timekeeping, procurement and financial and budget reporting (for the end user). It is used at all levels of the organization.

  • Timekeeping#WRHA/HSC staff - Payroll submissions are entered by a Timekeeper and the Organizational Chief (AKA Org Chief) authorizes the time entry.
  • SAP - Purchasing - Purchasing or ordering materials is entered by a Requisitioner and the Org Chief approves the submission.
  • SAP - Compensation - Show how to make a report showing total compensation and hours on a cost centre.
  • Establish An HSC Budget - Budgeting and financial reporting is monitored by the Org Chief. Various reports are available to authorized users.

Setting up an individual in SAP

To setup a new employee in SAP, fill out the ACMT form and check off the SAP box.

You will receive a form back asking for:

1)the individual's SAP position #. If the individual being granted access is not an HSC/WRHA employee, put "External"

2)The ORG Chief is typically the Physician Services Manager of the area. If this is for a Physician Services Manager put the Managing Director.

3)Fill in the Access required and email it back.

Cancelling an individual's access to SAP

To cancel access to SAP, fill out the ACMT form and ensure the SAP box is unchecked. In "other requirements/notes" put "Cancel access to SAP." If the Systems Analyst is away and someone else is filling in the form, please ensure you also put "Cancel access to SAP" when you send the form into the Servicedesk. If you are cancelling this individual's account, please see Terminating Computer Access at WRHA. If access from off-site was used for only this application, also cancel Unified Gateway.

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