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Summary of GI Rounds: Media: GI_Rounds_-_Summary_of_Rounds.pdf

In preparation for upcoming academic year

Rounds 1. GI Link Rounds [can include topics such as M&M, QI, Complicated Cases

  • Occurs: Twice a month: 2nd and 4th Thursday from September to June
  • Location: Presentation is from Room 535 Basic Medical Sciences Building, projected to NG002 SBGH
  • Time: From 12:00 Noon to 1:00 pm
  • Person Academically responsible for the GI Link Rounds: Program Administrator - Gastroenterology
  • Room Bookings: Audio Visual Bannatyne <>
  • Equipment Required: When booking Room 535 Basical Medical Sciences Building, a technician is always in the room to set up fixed equipment
    • Help Desk / Contact Information for Technician: 204-789-3350
      • If GI Link Rounds are CANCELLED, you must cancel the room bookings' by emailing the impacted date to Clara Russo <>; Myke Kurnell (; Luc Desjardins <> BITG (, otherwise GI will be charged a fee of approx. $25 for a no-show fee
  • Distribution List - GI - GI Link Rounds distribution list (Suzanne's computer)
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  • MOCOMP process: Ventis
    • If the presentation is GI Complicated Case Rounds: these are only scheduled in the GI Link Rounds dates IF there is no presenter. Maximum of 3 cases per hour, 15 minutes per case. Must be advertised at least one month in advance
  • Print a copy of the poster for the GI Rounds Binder

Rounds 2. GI Pathology Rounds

  • As each case comes in, forward to the pathologist responsible for the upcoming rounds
  • Add case to patient list and send updated list with new patient(s) highlighted to pathologist
  • Remind section members a few days prior about rounds. When sending reminder, list the initials for each Doctor's patients
  • Send Lime Survey to HSC GI Distribution List
  • At the end of each academic year - update resident distribution list

Geriatric Medicine

Rounds 1. Geriatric Rounds

  • occurs every Monday at 3:30 and 4:30 - two one hour presentations back to back
  • location: St. Boniface Day Hospital
  • No rooms needed to be booked - always held at St. Boniface Day Hospital
  • MOCOMP for these rounds - tracked in VENTIS for physicians only (physician contact list)
  • Dr. Lorraine Peitsch is in charge of the schedule for rounds
  • rotating residents expected to present on the last Monday of their rotation (those with us for two week rotations do not present)

Rounds 2. Telehealth Geriatric Rounds

  • occurs: once a month on a Monday at 3pm to 5pm
  • location: Deer Lodge Centre book through Lori Ann Mundt at 204-831-2118
  • only occurs November to April
  • These need rooms to be booked at several sites
  • MOCOMP tracked through VENTIS - physicians only (physician contact list)

Rounds 3. Baycrest Rounds

    • occurs: once a month Sept to June - on a Thursday
    • time: 11am for 1 hour
    • location: multiple locations
    • self registration - must register and book their own rooms
    • Organized out of Toronto
    • MOCOMP tracked by Vicki in Toronto - she sends out survey and invite


Rounds 1. Nephrology Rounds

  • Occurs: Every Wednesday 8:00 - 9:30 am
  • Location: Alternates between HSC & SBH - location is dependent on presenter's home location
  • Person academically responsible for the Rounds: Deb Stratton
  • These rounds are currently not Tele-linked, however, they may be starting in 2019
  • Presenters are Nephrology Subspecialty Residents, Core Residents, Electives, External/Internal Speakers and scheduled Section/RPC Meetings
  • Equipment Required: Laptop and projector: located currently in Deb Stratton's office GF417 HSC
  • Distribution List and Notice: LimeSurvey on Deb Stratton's computer. MOCOMP tracked through LimeSurvey.

Rounds 2. Nephrology Journal Club

  • Occurs: 6x/academic year 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Various Restaurants
  • Person academically responsible for Journal Club: Deb Stratton
  • Presenters are Nephrology Subspecialty Residents (PGY4 & PGY5)
  • Equipment Required: Laptop and projector: Located currently in Deb Stratton's office GF417 HSC
  • Distribution List and Notice: LimeSurvey on Deb Stratton's computer. MOCOMP tracked through LimeSurvey.


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

PM&R Rounds

  • occurs every 2nd Wednesday of the month - sometime will occur in longer months twice -each resident PGY2-PGY5 does one presentation and two faculty members do a presentation
  • PGY2 presents at the end of the academic year - May and June
  • location: RR333 - University Room must be booked through the University of Manitoba - this is a locked room - must contact security to be let in.
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  • No rounds in July and August - runs September to June
  • time: Noon - 1 hour
  • All Residents, off service Residents, Medical Students and Faculty attend - invited on the Friday prior to the event - Physio, Medical Rehab, Occupational, Clinic staff - contact list for rounds in outlook exists
  • Occurs before Academic Half Day - part of Academic Half Day Planning
  • Do not schedule a Resident for rounds if they are already scheduled for the Half Day teaching prior to or just after

Other Rounds

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds9 January 2018 08:00:00......General Internal Medicineyes
Setting up rounds on the wiki10 October 2018 10:10:00Tina TenbergenGC434General Internal Medicineno

Structure for Rounds documentation

Interro-01.gif Emailed Suzanne to follow up on this. User:Ttenbergen 14:41, 15 August 2018 (CDT)

Before we get too much further with this... I think we might want a different structure to document rounds. I am thinking of a page-per-rounds, following a template; the following info would be what comes to mind, but someone who runs or visits them would know what is needed:

  • name of rounds (would become article name)
  • section
  • schedule
  • location
  • person academically responsible for the rounds (what is the proper term?)
  • Program Administrator or other admin responsible for organizing the rounds
  • is it Tele-linked
  • Presenters
  • Equipment required

Other ad-hoc info could always be added, but the more structured we are about general info, the more powerfully we can manipulate this data after.

I set up Setting up rounds on the wiki as an example page, see Creating a new rounds page for how.

List of past grand rounds, so we would want a vid link:

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