Reviewing Recent Changes

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The reason we are comfortable with anyone in the department making changes to the wiki is that we know there are many eyes watching these changes, and anything wrong will be flagged or fixed quickly. The key to that is the Recent Changes listing, which should be reviewed frequently (~daily). To make sure this doesn't become a lot of extra work, here are some ways to make it quick.

  • open Special:RecentChanges, or the Recent Changes link in the navigation panel on the left. You might want to make a shortcut or bookmark for this.
  • consider which changes to review:
    • is it for your section, does it involve a role or person you work with, does the title sound related to what you do, and possibly does the author mean it might apply to you?
    • have you already reviewed the change? if so, it's link will be purple rather than blue, so you can likely ignore purple diff/changes links
  • for each change you want to review, open the "diff" or e.g. "3 changes" link in a new tab (mouse-wheel click; or right-click, open in a new tab)
    • the reason to open them in a new tab is that it means a bunch of pages load in the background and you don't need to wait for them by going back and forth
  • close the browser tab with the recent changes page, you are done with it for now
  • review the next tab under it; in most cases after you read and understand the change, you can close the tab; of there are questions or you have questions after seeing the change, click on the page tab of the article to go to the most up-to-date version (someone may have edited it since the change you were reviewing), and then click the edit link, either at the top of the page or for the section you want to edit; do your edit and when done close the tab
  • do the same with all other tabs you opened.

On an average day this should only take you 5 minutes and give you new information that you otherwise might have received by email (or not at all).