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Residents are academic trainees in the department. See #Related Articles.

People holding the role will not usually have wiki pages, so they won't be listed here. This page is more to hold information on processes related to residents.

Setting up a new resident

IT Systems

  • The resident will need to have completed PHIA training in order to obtain any IT access.
  • Arrange for Network/eHealth Account
  • Indicate EXTERNAL ELECTIVE in capitals on the top of the systems access request form
Interro-01.gif is that the ACMT form? Does Tom fill this out?

to expedite the access request.

Interro-01.gif Is that only for external residents? Ttenbergen 19:17, 27 February 2018 (CST)
  • You can be both the requestor and approver.
  • List the start and end dates of the rotation under “other requirements/notes”.

Select the following items:

  • Network / eHealth Account (lets them get into the computer and Citrix).
  • EPR Standard Users Code, and insert “Resident” in the box.
  • Accuro EMR see link on how to request the right Accuro access
  • Once all computer access codes have been provided, email them to the resident.

Send the completed form to MSAS for approval

Closing out a departing resident

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