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Name: Research and Faculty Development Committee

The purpose of the Research and Faculty Development Committee is to advise the Department Head on matters pertaining to the planning and resourcing of all research and other academic activities of the department. One of the goals of this committee is to assess performance so as to ensure faculty members are able to successfully contribute to the Academic Mission of the department.

The committee will consult with Postgraduate Program Directors, Section Heads, and leaders of research programs to:

  • determine how best to employ departmental resources in the development of new faculty for careers in academic medicine within the department;
  • increase the capabilities of existing faculty to contribute to departmental academic goals
  • develop new and productive research programs and initiatives.


The committee, which is advisory to the Department Head of Internal Medicine (ex officio), will be appointed by the Department Head and each member will serve up to five year term. The Chair is appointed by the Department Head who may seek the advice of the committee on potential candidates.

The committee will consist of:

  • up to three members representing either other university departments with academic links to the Department of Internal Medicine or significant local research foundations;
    • Dr. Hilary Grocott - Representing Anesthesia
    • Dr. Shayne Taback - Representing Departments of Pediatrics and Child Health
  • Managing Director (ex officio).
  • Karen Kiel (Admin Support)

The committee will meet the first working Monday of the month. There are no meetings in July and August.

Committee Activities


  • Once every two years, the committee will meet with Section Heads to discuss and identify current academic deficits in clinical and research programs, future academic directions of the section, personnel and resources needed to pursue these, and how the department might help ensure that these needs are effectively addressed. A one or two page paper referencing the above, must be presented to the committee chair prior to the meeting.

Proposed Schedule

  • At the request of the Department Head, will review any proposed academic and/or research development proposals within the department to advise the head regarding how departmental resources might most effectively be used in their pursuit.

Planning Grant

In order to encourage team grant applications, the committee will accept applications at anytime for up to $10,000.


  • Sections will identify residents within the general and specialty training programs with the potential to become effective clinical investigators and academic physicians in the department. On the request and support of a Section Head, review the potential for departmental support for appropriate additional training, and provide opportunities for these individuals to be recruited to the department. (See Junior Faculty Development Program)
  • At the request of the Department Head, review any proposed recruits to the department with respect to their research training achievements and potential to succeed at research.
  • Ensure that all recruited individuals have job descriptions that reasonably outline academic productivity expectations and that opportunities exist to acquire both resources and time to make such expectations achievable.

Development of Existing Faculty

  • In the case of newly recruited junior faculty, provide access to individuals in the department charged with orienting (mentoring) the new faculty member to academic resources and funding. This includes providing ongoing advice and review of research plans and objectives, grant proposals and writing projects.
  • Regularly review research and other scholarly output by comparing productivity (as measured by publications, grant success, performance at scientific meetings, etc.) with job description targets, with a view to advising both the department member and the Department Head how the member’s effectiveness might be optimized. This is to be performed every three to five years for all individuals designated as having 25% or more protected research time.
  • The Department Head may request the committee to critically review, with respect to both the science and the quality of the presentation, a proposed grant request. This support would include feedback and/or suggested revisions, which will enhance the likelihood of success of the proposal.
  • At the request of the Department Head, may review and advise on requests from existing faculty for departmental support for acquiring additional training aimed at increasing their academic or research productivity potential.

Financial Management

Monitors and approves expenditures to ensure the annual budget (as advised by the Managing Director) is not exceeded.


This committee deals with the following policies:

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