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General practices in research are performed by a principal investigator (PI) and depending on the contract/budget, funding for a research staff could be included. Common practice often requires research staff to help execute the research.

The Department of Internal Medicine recognizes the importance of research activities; it is also important to follow due diligence as healthcare is a unionized environment.

Policies and procedures vary between Health Sciences Centre and University of Manitoba. Research staff such as Research Assistants and Research Nurses are union employees governed by collective agreements in various associations such as CUPE; AESES; MNU; and EMAPS (EMAPS is not a union, it is an association). Both at the University of Manitoba and Health Sciences Centre, Human Resources departments also need to be consulted before any letter of offers are considered when hiring research staff.


1. The principal investigator has establish funding and the SPA Health Sciences Centre, or University of Manitoba FOAP have been set up. 2. The principal investigator will then complete the below request form that is submitted directly to their Physician Services Manager.


DiscussMeeting.png PSM Meeting Discuss Research Staff form
  • The name of the study
  • The the institution hold the funding, Health Sciences Centre SPA or University of Manitoba FOAP
  • Total budget for research staff
  • Total length of term
  • Desired start date
  • End date
  • Extension possibility

3. The Physician Services Manager will contact the Principal investigator with the options for hiring research staff.

Hiring Research Staff at U of M

  • Hiring research staff at the University of Manitoba requires consultation with the Physician Services Manager and the PI's FOAP needs to have sufficient funds before any EFT is considered. ie) Research Assistant, Research Associate, Research nurse. Paperwork for some research staff (research assistant, research nurse) requires a position profile, a job description, or both, depending on whether the position is brand new or considered a sofa position (a sofa position is one that is the same as another position - ie. more than one research assistant that works for one P.I.), All brand new hires require PIF, banking information, SIN # if the new hire is from outside of the University. When the paperwork is completed it is emailed to HRIS Financial Services at UM who will ensure the FOAP has sufficient funds. Subsequently, a position # will be created. After a position # is created, payroll onboards the new staff member in VIP and the Physician Services Manager communicates with the new employee and ensure the onboarding process is completed. The Physician Services Manager will supply the new employee with a timesheet, timekeeper and provides details on specifics to the position ie) how to submit hours of work each week, ID badge etc.

Note: For Research Associate, Research Affiliates and other academic research positions require a separate Letter of Offer. These letters of offer and instructions can be found on the following link:

Hiring Research Staff at HSC

Extending Research Nurse a HSC

  • Contact HRSS to create an Employee Status Form (ESF) for an extension

Finance requires the Physician Services Manager to complete a Position Budget Request Form (PBRF) to ensure sufficient funds are available to support the EFT.

Termination of Research staff at U of M

  • A letter of resignation is required by the employee.
  • A cessation form located on the University of Manitoba website needs to be completed by the Physician Services Manager.

Termination of Research staff at HSC

Current research staff list (SMW)

List based on Property:HasAppointmentType = UMFA

 Appointment TypeSectionRank
Dr. Andrew HalaykoUMFARespiratory MedicineProfessor
Dr. Garry ShenUMFAEndocrinology / MetabolismProfessor
Dr. Janilyn ArsenioUMFABiomedical ProteomicsAssistant Professor
Dr. Jean-Eric GhiaUMFAGastroenterologyAssociate Professor
Dr. John WilkinsUMFABiomedical ProteomicsProfessor
Dr. Julia UhanovaUMFAHepatologyAssociate Professor
Dr. Leigh Anne ShaferUMFACritical CareAssistant Professor
Dr. Linda LarcombeUMFAInfectious DiseasesAssociate Professor
Dr. Neeloffer MookherjeeUMFABiomedical ProteomicsAssociate Professor
Dr. Oleg KrokhinUMFABiomedical ProteomicsAssistant Professor
Dr. Suresh MishraUMFAEndocrinology / MetabolismAssociate Professor

List based on being in Category:Research and Category:Person; turns out this is empty; this would be needed if we have research staff who are not UMFA. We would need to make sure all research people are in Category:Research which they are not right now.

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