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When wiki pages are deleted or renamed / moved we need to make sure that all other pages that link to the page are updated, or else Links on the wiki break. Here are the steps to do it safely.


  1. navigate to the page you want to move / rename / delete
  2. open the "what links here" link under "tools" on the left in a new tab
  3. in the new tab, review all links
    • for each linked-from page, open the "edit" at the end of the line in a new tab
    • ctrl-f find the old name of the article you want to move and change it to the new name;
      • make sure that the link still makes sense that way, grammatically and from a content perspective
      • careful, the wiki is picky and cares about spaces and punctuation; easiest to just copy/paste the name
      • some articles and lists are automatically updated with queries; on these you won't find a link and these don't need to be edited, they will update automatically within a day at the latest
    • "save page" all the articles
  4. refresh the tab with the pages that link here; the only links left should be ones from automated pages
  5. click the "move" tab at the top of the screen
  6. enter the new name under "New title: "; give a reason why you moved the article
  7. uncheck "leave a redirect behind" - these will cause confusion with inter-link analysis on the wiki
  8. click "Move page"

Like all other activity on the wiki, moving an article on the wiki leaves a trail. See

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