Remove Users Access to an Application at WRHA

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This procedure is for terminating a users access to an individual application at WRHA, and not the users complete account. If you wish to terminate the users account, please see Terminating Computer Access at WRHA.

Cancelling an employee's access to XXX where XXX=Application/Program you want access removed

To cancel a user's access in any program/application at Ehealth, ask the Systems Analyst to fill in the form. If that individual is unavailable, fill out the ACMT form and ensure the application box is unchecked. In "other requirements/notes" put "Cancel access to XXX." Please also ensure you also put "Cancel access to XXX" in the body of the email when you send the form to the Servicedesk. The subject would always be "Accounts Team: Remove Access to XXX employee first name employee last name employee username. If you are cancelling this individual's account, please see Terminating Computer Access at WRHA.

If the program that the user has access to isn't located on the ACMT form, but is on the ACMT_form#Information_Systems_managed_through_the_ACMT_form list, please fill in the Program you want access terminated to under "other requirements" and also put that in the email to the Servicedesk. If the program is not on the ACMT_form#Information_Systems_managed_through_the_ACMT_form list, follow the instructions in the program's wiki page.

Also Cancel Access to Unified Gateway (Remote Access) if user used it for only this application

Follow the instructions located in Unified Gateway to terminate remote access and ensure that the Dept. is no longer charged for this service.

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