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Reminder calling is an automated system that places reminder phone calls to patients who have upcoming appointments in Accuro EMR.

Reminder calling runs from HSC and Medicine Accuro instances.

HSC Accuro selection is the Clinic (reason) code and does reminder calling for HSC Internal Medicine, Surgery, ENT and Pediatric clinics and Endoscopy Central Intake for all hospitals. Medicine Accuro selection is appointment type for the Sleep Disorder Center.

Call schedules

  • Endoscopy central intakes - 30 days out if the patient has not called and confirmed, and 7 days out.
  • HSC site - 7 days and 2 working out.
  • Medicine SDC - 7 days and 2 working out

The basic call informs of the appointment location and time. There is the ability request patients arrive x time early by reason.

Where a patient has more than 1 appointment on a given day it informs patient the number of appointments,location and time of first appointment.

Calls are scheduled to start at 7pm, with retries for failures/busy at 7:45pm and 9am the following morning.

There are statistics available if required. SDC is the only area that review and make manual calls for patients was not contacted.

The no show rate has reduced with reminder calling.

For more information contact Julie Knight.

Reminder calling uses Twilio and some components we host in shared hosting arrangements. See the SRG Wiki for details

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