Relative Workload Evaluation Scale

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Policy: Relative Workload Evaluation Scale
Policy Nr: Sec 06 - 06
Target Review Date: 2020-11-07
Main Stakeholder: Managing Director


The Workload Evaluation Scale was developed in 2001 as a measurement and comparison tool (workload evaluation) to be used for an annual assessment of workload for all members of the department. All categories of clinical, administrative, and undergraduate teaching activities were identified and Relative Workload Values were established by consensus of Section Heads representing all specialty sections. In order to provide an hour-per-week basis of comparison, the assumption was made that a full day of Ambulatory Care Clinic activity was equivalent to 10 hours per day of physician-committed time (eight hours of patients contact and two hours of additional charting) and that five full days per week of outpatient activity with no additional service would be regarded as 1.0 EFT (Equivalent Full Time) weekly workload (50 hours).

Elements in the scale include:

  • clinical services
  • administrative functions
  • undergraduate teaching
  • extraordinary contributions to postgraduate curriculum
  • research activity as described within the individual contract for which there is a salary attached (25% or greater).

The major considerations in determining relative workload value of clinical activities included the mandatory workday time commitment required (e.g. a half-day clinic) and the intensity of the after-hour and weekend call commitment of a particular activity (e.g. Intensive Care vis-a-vis Endocrinology Consult Service).


The application of this scale is used for:

  • Evaluation of staffing needs by Sections
  • Assessment guide for promotion
  • Alternative funding plan development
  • Reassignment of activities by Section Heads
  • Establishment of baseline productivity standards
  • Basis for determination of salaries
  • Evaluation of members for top-up supplements


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**The workload scale is presently being evaluated by a sub-committee of Executive**

sort description /wk wks/yr EFT
A 1 CTU Attending 26 weeks 0.8
A 2 NTU Attending 26 weeks 0.4
A 3 Critical Care Attending (MICU, CCU, SICU) 13 weeks 0.8
A 4 Specialty Inpatient Unit with limited off hour intake (e.g. Rheumatology, Resp, IICU) 39 weeks 0.6
A 5 Rehab Inpatient Unit Attending 39 weeks 0.5
A 6 Bone Marrow Transplant Unit 19 weeks 0.8
A 7 Low Volume Subspecialty Consult Service (non-procedural) e.g. Rehab, Clinical Allergy, Dermatology, Hep 39 weeks 0.3
A 8 High Volume Subspecialty Consult (non-procedural) e.g. Endocrine, GI, Card, Infectious Diseases, Neuro, GIM 39 weeks 0.6
A 9 Subspecialty Consult Service (procedural) e.g. Acute GI Bleed, Respiratory Medicine, Bronchoscopy, Echocardiography, Nephrology 39 weeks 0.8
A 10 Angiography, EP, Nuc Card 1 day/week 46 weeks 0.2
A 11 Interventional Angiography or Echocardiography & Call 1 day/week + call 46 weeks 0.25
A 12 Ambulatory Care Clinics 1/2 day per week 46 weeks 0.15
A 13 Bed Doctor 39 weeks 0.3
A 14A LCDRP 39 weeks 0.7
A 14B Renal Transplant Service (includes 5 ½-day clinics) 39 weeks 0.8
A 15 EKG, EEG, EMG, Sleep Study Interpretation, Endo Lab interpretation ½ day/week 0.1
A 16a Central Dialysis Unit Attending 30 weeks 0.8
A 16b Central Dialysis Unit Attending ½ day 0.1
A 16c Sherbrook Dialysis 39 weeks 0.8
A 17 Sleep Lab Attending 30 weeks 1.0
A 18 Geriatric Day Hospital 26 weeks 0.5
A 19 Behaviour Unit - DLC 48 weeks 0.03
A 20 GPAT ½ day per week 0.1
B 1 CTU Chief / ICU Director 0.1
B 2 NTU Chief, Medicial Director Program or Service 0.05
B 3 Head, Specialty Inpatient Unit 0.05
B 4a Subspecialty Program Director non-active 0.05
B 4b Subspecialty Program Director active 0.2
B 5 Postgraduate Program Director - Core 0.3
B 6a Section Head < 5 members 0.1
B 6b Section Head 5 - 10 members 0.20
B 6c Section Head > 10 members 0.25
B 7 Department Head 0.7
B 8 Clinical Laboratory Director e.g. Microbiology Lab, Hematology Lab 0.05 - 0.3
B 9A RHA Program Head 0.4
B 9B RHA Subprogram Head 0.3
B 10 Site Medical Directors 0.2
B 11 Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator 0.15
B 12 Regional Committee Chairperson e.g. Pharmacy & Therapeutics 0.1
B 13 Standing RHA Program Committee Chairperson e.g. Standards 0.05
B 14 Extraordinary Postgraduate Teaching e.g. Postgrad Lecture Series Director 0.05
B 15 Undergraduate Teaching (Direct Student Contact) 2 hrs/week 46 weeks 0.1
C 1 Research (as stipulated in contract with specified salary indicated) 0.20 to 1.0
C 2 Special Department Project Leaders Up to 0.2

EFT = Equivalent Full Time - (1.0 EFT = 50 hrs/week) RHA = Regional Health Authority CTU = Clinical Teaching Unit NTU = Non-teaching Unit

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