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Policy: Recruitment Relocation Expenses
Policy Nr: Sec 02 - 02
Target Review Date: 2019-02-15
Main Stakeholder: Managing Director

This policy is under review - contact the Managing Director for more information.


The Department of Internal Medicine will provide relocation moving expenses to full-time faculty members (GFT or UMFA PhD at the discretion of the Department Head) who live outside of the greater Winnipeg area (more than 100 Km) and who have been recruited to the Department of Internal Medicine to a maximum of $10,000.

Reimbursement of all allowable expenses (as listed below) must not exceed $10,000.


The following expenses qualify for reimbursement

  • Transportation expenses including packing, moving and unpacking specified household goods and personal effects including:
    • Pick-up, transportation and delivery charges of furniture and personal effects that normally can be contained in a standard moving van;
    • Packing and unpacking of all items contained in the household;
    • Replacement Value Insurance Protection except for items of extraordinary value
    • Reasonable storage expenses in Winnipeg.

Other Eligible Expenses

  • Travel, meals and lodging expenses for moving the employee from their former residence to the new residence upon the provision of original receipts.
  • If required, pre-move travel, meals and lodging expenses for applicant and spouse to search for a new residence after obtaining employment upon provision of original receipts.
  • If required, the cost of meals and lodging for the entire family while occupying temporary quarters after the start date of employment upon the provision of original receipts.

Moving services not eligible for reimbursement

  • large boats, trailers and other large recreational vehicles
  • vehicles
  • flammable items
  • third party servicing charges - e.g. washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dish washers, water purifiers, electronic air cleaners stereo equipment, T.V. and RAD antennae, and/or towers, water beds, pool tables, etc.
  • housecleaning - at the old or new residence
  • plants
  • frozen foods, preserves, etc.
  • perishables
  • firewood, outdoor swimming pools, building supplies, and other bulky items
  • pets and domestic animals
  • extra charges for loading and unloading on a weekend
  • extra pickup or unloading at a second location
  • removal of broadloom, draperies, fixtures, etc.
  • large volumes of heavy items such as books
  • insurance for items of extraordinary value
  • in transit storage


The Department encourages faculty to use either McCoshan or Allied Van Lines if they are already within Canada and request that they inform the van line company of choice that the Canadian Association of University and Business Officers rates should apply.

Individuals pay for the expenses themselves and then submit moving expenses to the Internal Medicine Managing Director within 30 days of arrival in order to be reimbursed.

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