Recruitment Process and Committee Composition

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Policy: Recruitment Process and Committee Composition
Policy Nr: Sec 02 - 11
Target Review Date: 2020-08-29
Main Stakeholder: Department Administrator - Recruitment

Decisions to actively recruit individuals must be approved by the Department Head and Site Medical Director and should fit with the University of Manitoba and WRHA Recruitment policies and priorities.

Composition of Search Committee

See for both GFT and non-GFT Search Committee

Site Visit

Must include at a minimum:

See Recruitment Interviewing Expenses for more information.

Selection Process

  • All candidates must have at least one on-site interview.
  • One of three letters of reference must be from the Program Director of the applicant’s current program.
  • Prior to any communication, details regarding position description, rank, salary, anticipated income and resources need to be determined.

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