Recruitment Office Expenses

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Policy: Recruitment Office Expenses
Policy Nr: Sec 02 - 03
Target Review Date: 2020-08-28
Main Stakeholder: Managing Director


The Managing Director will arrange for all office space.

It is the policy of the Department of Internal Medicine to ensure that new GFTs have appropriate furnishings and computer equipment at the time of hire. Note that this policy does not apply to members of the department who have a clinical contract and/or a nil appointment.


Computer Equipment

Each new faculty member will receive a desktop computer and monitor compliant with either Digital Health or University of Manitoba standards, dependent upon which network the computer is connected to. To comply with both the WRHA Printer Policy and U of M printer policy, faculty members are networked to group faxes/scanners/printers. For further information, see How to Order a Printer for the WRHA Network and How to Order a Printer for the U of M Network.

See also: Computer Hardware and Software

Office Furniture

Each new GFT will be provided with an appropriately furnished office. Furniture and equipment for GFT members is arranged with the Physician Services Manager with approved from the Managing Director.

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