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The following are reason codes available in Payworks and how you would use them when submitting your pay sheet.

Time Off Codes

Codes for additional time worked

Even additional time / OT will be coded as an absence, see reason.

  • OT Banked - 1.0
    • banking extra days worked for part time employees
  • OT Banked - 1.5
    • for the first 3 hours of authorized over time per day. (ref)
  • OT Banked - 2.0
    • after the first 3 hours of authorized over time per day. (ref)
    • FTE on their scheduled day off (ie usually the weekend) (ref)
  • Casual - hours reported by casual staff, or extra hours by part-timers
    • Enter only actual hours worked, eg. enter 7.5 hrs even though here for 8 hrs because the lunch is unpaid.
    • If the time was worked in several batches over the course of a day it is OK to report it as one time period. Make sure you include/exclude break times as per UMG_Breaks

There are currently concerns that casual is not counted as 1.0 under some circumstances in Payworks. I have entered test data and sent an email to Aleks to resolve. Ttenbergen 12:23, 23 February 2018 (CST)


Include/exclude breaks on your timecard as per UMG Breaks.

Getting overtime paid out

see How to get overtime paid out in Payworks

Things for which there are no reason codes

Stat holidays

Stats don't need to be coded, they are pre-entered automatically, you can check them in Absence Management --> Time Off Calendar

Winter travel days

If you live out of the city and the roads are closed, it’s a Vacation or Unpaid Leave

Adding/removing/changing reason codes

Any change in reason codes needs to be discussed with the Financial Analyst. If agreed, she will arrange to have the reason code added by contacting the Payworks#Site_Administrator.

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