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This page is about the reporting tools for Provincial Dictation and Transcription System.

Built-in Reporting


Job lister

transcriptionist is "dictation invalid"

  • These documents are one that are 1 second, and could be up to 10 seconds as they physician either hangs up the phone, calls the dictation line and hangs up after a few seconds, or they have requested that the dictation be deleted for various reasons (they have already dictated, they have realized it is on a wrong patient, they indicate they will dictate again later).
Most of the time the Transcription Manager Liane Davidson catches these before they even get to the transcriptionist. A very small percentage with go to them, but they will let Liane Davidson know as soon as they know there is an issue and they advise the Transcription Manager of same and the Transcription Manager would mark it as "Dictation Invalid".

transcriptionist is "Hold *"

  • that transcriptions would sit under these names until their assignment is changed to a real person, who would then transcribe them. Now looking at the data I see that there are quite a few holds with transcription began times, where I would have expected there to be none. Did I misunderstand how you use these?

Cathy (previous transcription manager) said: "As they are assigned to the particular queue, the system generates this field, why I don’t know but I have noticed this."


Need to find out more about these.

  • It appears these are something only the Internal Medicine work flow uses in PDAT, so the documentation doesn't cover it.

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