Promotions and Tenure Committee

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Name: Promotions and Tenure Committee
Function: many
Policy: Promotions and Tenure Committee
Policy Nr: Sec 07 - 03
Target Review Date: 2020-05-29
Main Stakeholder: Managing Director



Members of the committee and the chair are appointed by the Department Head. Members will have achieved the rank of Professor or Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. The membership ranges from 8 to 10, based on the wishes of the chair.

The term of office of each committee member will be five (5) years with possible renewal. Members will normally serve staggered terms, in order to provide continuity and consistency in the process.

Reporting Structure

The committee is an advisory body and reports through the chair to the Department Head, Internal Medicine with regard to the promotion of faculty members in the department.


The presence of 70% of the committee members shall constitute a quorum for all business. Every effort shall be made to arrange dates for meetings on which all members can attend, and the issue of quorum should only arise in the case of unforeseen circumstances on the days of the meetings.

The deliberations of the committee require the highest standards of confidentiality.

Decisions shall be by majority vote. The committee chair shall not cast a vote, except to break a tie.

Frequency of Meetings

The committee will meet at the call of the chair.


See Promotions Information and Process

  • To accept applications from Department of Internal Medicine academic staff (full-time and part-time) requesting consideration for promotion.
  • To review, evaluate, and appraise:
    • research and scholarly activities
    • teaching activities
    • service/administration performance
    • potential of each departmental member under consideration for promotion.
  • In its deliberations, the committee will determine whether a departmental member has met the specific requirements and criteria for promotion and/or tenure outlined in the University of Manitoba, Promotion in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences: Criteria and Procedures .
  • The committee’s appraisals and recommendations are reported by the committee chair to the Department Head.


This committee deals with the following policies:

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