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Policy: Promotions Information and Process
Policy Nr: Sec 07 - 02
Target Review Date: 2020-05-29
Main Stakeholder: Department Head

Please consult the most current Max Rady College of Medicine information here.

Prior to Applying

It is recommended that a faculty member considering applying for promotion

  • attend one of Dr. S. Israels’ workshops (Vice Dean, Academic Affairs) (held in February)
"Academic Promotion and Career Advancement in the College of Medicine"

In preparing an application for promotion, it is important to make sure that your evidence meets or exceeds the benchmarks for each criterion, and that you provide documentation that clearly demonstrates achievements within each of the areas of academic activity: research and scholarly activity, teaching, service (including clinical professional practice).

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the Department Promotions and Tenure Committee and the Faculty of Health Sciences Promotions Committees with the key documents, the evidence and the details that substantiate the significance and quality of their professional achievements, and demonstrate that their activities and contributions merit promotion.

It is recommended that an applicant start early – allowing a considerable amount of time to write, rewrite and edit the narrative for the cover letter and the required dossiers, update their CV, complete the required forms and other associated documents, and gather the materials and evidence needed to build and present their case for promotion.

Promotion Applications must consist of the following items

  • Cover Letter/Letter of Introduction
    • The letter should provide an organized and concise academic career summary that encapsulates and clearly demonstrates and summarizes a case for promotion, your professional achievements and contributions to date, the outcomes and impact of your work, and plans for your future achievements and contributions.
    • The letter should be addressed to the Chairs of the Promotions and Tenure Committee and the Faculty of Health Sciences Promotions Committee requesting consideration for promotion, and identify the academic rank requested.
    • Draw attention to important contributions made to research and scholarly activities, teaching, and service (professional, administrative; internal, external) and document successes and contributions made in support of the Department, the University and beyond
  • University of Manitoba Part A – Application for Promotion form A typed copy of this form is required. An electronic copy of the University of Manitoba Part A - “Application for Promotion” form is available on the U of M website:
  • Full current Curriculum Vitae
  • Dossiers for each of the academic domains of Teaching, Research and Service. The dossiers should address the reasons why an applicant feels promotion is merited and provide the evidence of the contributions made in each domain.
    • Teaching Dossier - Essential requirements include: personal teaching philosophy and goals, summative student/residents evaluations, signed copies of student evaluations/comments, and department collated evaluation results as supporting documents.
    • Research/Scholarship Dossier - include a personal summary of research program, contextual issues and future goals in lay language.
    • Service Dossier - include a personal summary of service and administrative roles context and accomplishments.
  • External Evaluator/Referee List

Please provide to the Promotions Coordinator Karen Kiel (by no later than April 1st) a list of a minimum of 5 external referees from outside of Manitoba. The referee’s title, department, university affiliation and rank, office mailing address, e-mail address, and office telephone number must be included.

  • External referees/evaluators must hold an academic appointment at a rank higher than the individual applying for promotion. This means that for

individuals applying for promotion to Full Professor, all the external evaluators need to be at the rank of Professor.

Letters of Internal Support

A faculty member should contact colleagues and students for letters of support.

As per the Faculty of Health Sciences ’s guidelines, letters of support must be dated, identify the applicant, support the promotion application, include a signature block and be signed by the supporters - Printout of a PDF scan bearing a signature are accepted. Emails of support are accepted only if they come from a University of Manitoba or WRHA email address and include a signature block.

If the applicant has a formal academic appointment in a second department within the Max Rady College of Medicine, the applicant must request a letter of acknowledgement and an academic appointment form from the secondary Department Head acknowledging the application and the simultaneous promotion if successful.

Internal letters of support should be sent By Mail:

Department of Internal Medicine Promotions Committee
c/o Promotions Coordinator Karen Kiel - Room GC430
Health Sciences Centre
820 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1R9

or, by e-mail to Promotions Coordinator Karen Kiel

Application Deadline

April 1st is the deadline for submission of an applicant’s complete application package to the Promotions and Tenure Committee.

Application Submissions

One original copy and 17 copies of an applicants’ promotion application in the following sequential order:

  • Letter of Introduction signed by the applicant
  • University of Manitoba Part A Application for Promotion form
  • A full Curriculum Vitae
  • A Teaching Dossier (which includes a personal teaching philosophy)
  • A Research Dossier
  • A Service Dossier

are to be submitted to the Promotions and Tenure Committee c/o Promotions Coordinator Karen Kiel at the HSC – room GC430 by the Department’s deadline date of April 1st.

The Department will add:


As per the Faculty of Health Sciences ’s ‘How to Build Your Application Guidelines’ (revised March 2015) document “applications that do not meet the guidelines will not be accepted by the Office of the Dean”.

The original application must be in the sequential order listed above and in a file folder held by a fold-back clip. Do not use tabs or dividers to separate each section of the original application and do not staple your documents

For the seventeen (17) copies:

  • All documents must be double sided
  • All documents must be in sequential order listed above
  • Each section must be divided by tabs/separators
  • The copies must be submitted in a binder of less than or equal to one (1)inch. Duo-tangs are acceptable.

Do Not Include: - copies of publications - grant applications or reviews - teaching materials - thank you notes

The Original and seventeen copies should be sent to the attention of Promotions Coordinator Karen Kiel, in the Department of Internal Medicine GC430 – Health Sciences Centre (GC430-820 Sherbrook St., Winnipeg, MB R3S 1R9) by the deadline date of April 1st.


Should you have any questions, please contact Promotions Coordinator.

Department of Internal Medicine Promotion Process

1. Full-time and part-time members of the Department of Internal Medicine may apply for promotion on recommendation from the Department Head, their Section Head, or on their own initiative.

2. The Promotions and Tenure Committee will write to each approved external referee enclosing a copy of the applicant’s CV, Academic Dossiers and the University of Manitoba – College of Medicine Promotions Document.

3. The documentation and information received from the applicant and referees is collated and forwarded to the Promotions and Tenure Committee members for their review.

4. Meetings of the Promotions and Tenure Committee are set up to discuss each applicant’s dossier in detail, trying to reconcile the applicant’s work and productivity to the academic standards and promotions criteria and guidelines of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba If required, additional documentation or information is solicited from the applicant or the external referees.

5. Individuals who are not successful are notified and are given the opportunity to discuss or appeal the recommendation.

6. Promotions and Tenure Committee finalizes their recommendations.

7. The promotion applications and documentation are forwarded by the Promotions and Tenure Committee to the Faculty of Health Sciences College of Medicine’s Academic Affairs Office by the Faculty‘s deadline date.

8. A meeting of the Faculty of Health Sciences Promotions Committee, chaired by the Associate Dean (Academic), is set up to review each candidate’s file. The Internal Medicine Department Head, Chair of the Promotions and Tenure Committee, and two Promotions and Tenure Committee members attend the meeting.

9. After the Faculty of Health Sciences Promotions Committee meeting, the Department Head completes the Part C - Department Head’s Recommendations’ form for each applicant and submits to the Associate Dean (Academic).

10. The Faculty of Health Sciences Promotions Committee’s recommendations along with the Department Head’s recommendations are forwarded to the Dean of Medicine. All recommendations are forwarded to the President’s Office and the Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba for consideration and approval.

11. As of February 18, 2014, the effective dates for all promotions will be March 30th regardless of whether the applications are for UMFA, GFT or Nil-Appointee faculty members.

12. Following the meeting of the Board of Governors the candidates will be notified by the University of Manitoba’s Office of the President and the College of Medicine’s Academic Affairs Office as to whether or not they were successful in receiving promotion.

Timelines for Promotions Proceedings

  • By April 1st
    • Faculty member must submit list of potential external referees - which will be submitted to the Assistant Dean (Academic) for approval.
  • On or before April 1st
  • April to May
  • Between June and July
    • Additional information may be requested from applicants.
  • September
    • All documentation and recommendations are forwarded to the Faculty of Health Sciences – Academic Affairs Office by the deadline date September 15th
  • October
  • October - November
  • December
    • Dean of Medicine forwards recommendations to Vice President (Academic). Reviewed by Provost and President and forwarded to Board of Governors.
  • February - April
    • Faculty member is notified by the President’s office and the Assistant Dean (Academic) of the status of his/her promotion. As of Feb. 18, 2014, the effective date for all promotions will be March 30th.

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