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The Program Secretary - Rheumatology provides secretarial support for the Section of Rheumatology. See #Responsibilities. The role is currently held by:

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See also: Program Secretary II - Rheumatology


Discuss.gif Are all of these actually the program secretary's' responsibilities, or were some just more specifically Leanne Schmidt's? User:Ttenbergen 17:07, 1 November 2018 (CDT)


  • Answers one of the two phone lines for RR149 office (787-2208) as well as calls coming from physicians’ lines (Drs. Peschken, El-Gabalawy & Robinson) which will transfer over after four rings.
  • Calls related to clinical issues (appointments, prescription repeats, for nurses etc.), are directed to the Rheumatology Clinic at 7-2392.
  • Patients calling regarding insurance papers or any other documents left with physicians for completion/signature, will be directed to Maria Dungca who handles these types of “clinical” tasks for Drs. Peschken, El-Gabalawy & Robinson.
  • All other incoming calls, determine nature and urgency of the call, handle routine matters, take and relay messages for physicians, triage and prioritize as needed.
  • You will be primary person staff calls/e-mails when they will be away sick (in addition to PSM - Rheumatology. Fan out this information as required.
  • When away (sick, vacation), phone will be forwarded to the Secretary II (Maria Dungca). Similarly, you will be forwarded Maria’s phone when she is away.


  • Retrieve and go through faxes received from 787-2475 daily as necessary.
  • Documents received such as consult requests, blood results, MRI/CT scan results, etc. and any other patient-related documents will go to clinic for scanning into Accuro.
    • We fax back a sheet (located in the bin beside fax machine) to the originating sender which tells them the new clinic fax number.
  • When faxing within hospital enter “7” and the four digit extension. For outside the hospital, enter “9”, the area code and the seven digit phone number.


  • Rheumatology Cost Centre#
  • Maria Dungca, Program Secretary II - Rheumatology, usually gets mail delivery at her desk, however in her absence, you will distribute mail accordingly (this includes to the Pediatric Rheumatology secretary).
  • Open all mail for Drs. Peschken, Robinson, & El-Gabalawy, provided it does not say personal or confidential.
  • Journals received for Dr. El-Gabalawy (Journal of Rheumatology, Nature Medicine, Nature, Current Opinion in Rheumatology, etc.) are put on the shelf below bulletin board for public viewing. Old journals can be recycled. Journals for Dr. Robinson are to be placed in his office.
  • Any consults, results, etc. received through mail are taken to clinic for scanning into Accuro.
  • Deliveries for our research staff (Mellissa Moyen, Irene Smolik or Maria Sevilla) or research nurses: provide a signature and call the appropriate person for pick-up.
  • Research staff ships samples so you may be required to assist with courier pick-ups.
  • Arrange for courier city-wide deliveries, see How to courier a letter or package. Provide Cost Centre#

Information about physicians' clinics

  • Dr. Peschken has clinic Tuesday AM & PM, Wednesday AM. Exception is after a long weekend when no clinics will be booked for Tuesday. Tuesdays are also blocked off when on call. She has no clinics between Christmas and New Year’s.
  • Dr. El-Gabalawy has one half-day clinic (Thursday PM) per week although sometimes there are make-up clinics. Dr. El-Gabalawy likes to know the names of the rotating residents and/or fellows with him in clinic each week. The names of the rotators need to be put into his calendar for his reference. These names are found in clinic lists supplied by Melissa Blonjeaux, Education Coordinator. No clinics booked between Christmas and New Year’s.
  • Dr. Robinson has four clinics a week (Monday AM, Tuesday, PM, Wednesday AM, Thursday PM) but sometimes there are more if required (Friday scramble clinic). The clerks will usually notify you of extra clinics but you can check Accuro anytime on your own.
  • Dr. Robinson has a Fellows Clinic one Friday a month. Check with the Education Coordinator for exact list as it changes from year to year.


  • The “Clinic Cancellation Request” form must be used to let clinic know when a physician will be absent from clinic at least one month ahead of time. The secretary is responsible for filling out form and sending to clinic.
  • If timeframe is less than one month’s notice, the Section Head must approve. These forms must be e-mailed to the Manager of Rheumatology Outpatient Clinic (Louise Cameron-2018) and copied to the clerks so they know to cancel clinic.

Physician absence notification

Discuss.gif Do you do these? If so, to what extent do you follow what is at Physician absence notification? Please see if you have anything to contribute to that page, and put additional destinations you might send to here.


  • Required to type various correspondences from Dictaphone. They may also be from a rough draft or general instruction and are not limited to letters, memos, reports, grant applications, away notices, etc.
  • May also be required to type letters, brochures, posters, etc., for research nurses, research staff, fellows or clinic nurses.
  • May be required to compose letters (i.e. sick notes, requests for bus passes, telephones, allowance for escorts, etc.) for physicians’ signature.
  • Anything that is patient-related must be copied once for our file and a second copy for the clinic. The clinic clerks will put the document into Accuro.


See also: Physician Billing Services

  • Collect from clinic the prescriptions which will be in our office pile and place same in the MD Practice Solutions bunk in RR149.
  • Physicians will leave their clinic sheets on your desk after their clinics. Copy the clinic sheets x 2, one for each physician’s clinic binder and one for database (pile at back of office). The originals go to MD Practice Solutions.
  • Am required to go onto Accuro once a week and print out from the “Infusion” tab the list of your physicians’ patients who have had infusions. You will leave these lists in their offices for them to enter diagnoses and tariff #’s and then send onto MD Practice Solutions for billing.
  • Dr. Robinson bills for every form or letter. Bill accordingly when insurance company is paying (they have set fees usually stated clearly on request). If patient is responsible for payment, usual rule of thumb is $45 for lengthy report $15 for short. Dr. El-Gabalawy only bills those companies that will pay but never the patient directly.
  • Photocopy the completed form x 2 (once for office file, once for clinic to be scanned into Accuro). You will then make invoice either to insurance company or to patient if insurance company will not cover. You must get next invoice # from X:\Invoice Log_Rheum_11Apr2016.xls. and pull invoice up for whichever physician. Make two copies of the invoice; one for the insurance company or patient and the other for MD Practice Solutions.
  • Patients often return to our office or clinic with payment for insurance forms we have billed for. While we try to deter them from doing this, patients will often still bring money and/or cheque here. In those instances, we need to write out a receipt and take money/cheque immediately to UMG with pertinent paperwork which they will pass on to MD Practice Solutions.
  • Take contents of MD Practice Solutions billing bin and mail off to them. Cost Centre code 10400336 must be on as well as “via medial carriers” written on envelope.

See Physician Billing Services

Discuss.gif Is she the contact for all of Internal Medicine or just Rheumatology?
  • I do not know that answer. You would have to contact her directly. I know she is our contact for Rheumatology.

The contact person for us is:

Rosario Padilla Office: 204-988-4869 Fax: 204-988-4870



  • Make sure physicians’ regular clinic commitments are set as recurrent. There may be add-on days and the clinic clerks will usually tell you the dates, however, keep checking Accuro to make sure you have most up-to-date information.
  • All service attendance (call, CTU, night/weekend call) etc. should be noted in calendars.
  • All teaching commitments and Academic Half Day - Rheumatology and City Wide Rounds information should be noted in calendars.
  • All meetings (GFT, education), etc. should be diarized.
  • All away dates (vacations, conferences, seminars, travel, etc.) for physicians as well as yourself should be noted in calendars.
  • All PGME commitments should be noted in calendars.
  • Any other appointments the physician requests you to enter.
  • Required to input any STAT holidays, etc.
  • Will book various meetings in Outlook as requested, find locations where meetings can be held, and send out invites to all attendees. Send updates/or notify of cancellations if required.
  • If there are any attachments or documents needed/provided for any meetings or teaching, you should attach them to the calendar appointment for easy reference for the physicians.


Dr. Annaliese Tisseverasinghe, Dr. Carol Hitchon, Dr. Christine Peschken, Dr. David Robinson, Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy, Dr. Konstantin Jilkine, Dr. Liam O'Neil)

This, along with the previous month’s minutes, should be e-mailed to the GFT’s the day prior. Section Head must okay the minutes before sending out.

  • Send a copy of the approved minutes to Medicine Department Head for his files.
  • You will participate (as necessary) and take minutes for the GFT meetings.
  • Previous minutes and agendas are housed in binders in the RR149 office, filed chronologically.
  • Follow through with any action items specific to you and also send reminders to Section Head or GFT’s as necessary regarding same.
  • The GFT meetings are confidential and any information discussed at these meetings shall be kept confidential and released appropriately only upon approval from the Section Head.


  • The Internal Medicine Grand Rounds are organized by the Communications and Special Events Officer (Vacant) and a schedule is distributed to everyone in the department. You will post this schedule on the office bulletin board once a month. You must put the Grand Rounds into the physicians’ calendars and include the speaker and their talk title.
  • The Section Head needs to know who has presented from the section and find volunteers for at least two presentations a year unless otherwise requested. Our Annual Metro Ogryzlo lecture usually takes care of one slot.
  • Generating Reports for LimeSurvey CPD Tracking will send the attendance to physicians by mid-January. This is to be used for the yearly Royal College MOCOMP requirements which are due January 31st of every year.
  • You will keep track of Drs. Robinson, Peschken, & El-Gabalawy's teaching using Excel Spreadsheets. X:\Leanne\Pescken Admin\Teaching Tracker Breakdown Peschken X:\Leanne\HEG Admin\Teaching Tracker Breakdown El-Gabalawy and X:\Leanne\DRobinson.admin\Teaching Tracker Breakdown Robinson 2.


  • Order catering as required for various meetings or visiting speakers.
  • For Patient Partners you will use X328 for transfer on the HSC Catering website.
  • After order is received and confirmation given via e-mail from HSC Catering, always send PSM - Rheumatology a copy of same for her records with an explanation of what it is for.


Section Head Specific

  • Provides academic and administrative support to the Section Head - RheumatologyDr. Christine Peschken. [Clinical tasks for Dr. Peschken are handled by Secretary II.] Meetings with the Section Head are booked weekly to review important issues.
  • The Section Head will ask you to help with the collection of information from the GFT’s for the purpose of Performance Review for the Department Head. This is a lengthy process, requiring detailed information to be put into a template for each physician. The Secretary II will provide information for her physicians (currently Drs. Hitchon, Jilkine & Tisseverasinghe) and will give to you to add. This is followed by meetings between the Section Head and Department Head to review, and then followed by a personal review for each physician with the Section Head. Last completed in 2017, the process took over six months. All completed reviews must be signed by all parties and are kept in the administrative office of the Department of Internal Medicine.
  • You will follow the instructions in Performance Review and assist with compiling all necessary information for the physicians, set appointments for the Section Head to meet with the GFT’s (and nil salary appointments every second year).
  • Similarly, the Section Head may ask for assistance with compiling statistical information for sectional productivity updates requested by the Department of Internal Medicine.
  • You will circulate to all section members any information requested for distribution by the Section Head as needed (usually by e-mail).
  • If all physicians are going to be away (i.e. ACR or CRA), the Infusion Clinic must be advised so that no Rheumatology infusion patients are booked during this timeframe as there will be no one available to handle a crisis situation. Community rheumatologists who may be on call will not cover any issues related to the Infusion Clinic. Dr. Robinson or Dr. Peschken will need to be reminded to contact the Infusion Nurse when no one will be available.
  • You will arrange and attend section retreats, as required.

Physicians On Call

See also: Physician Billing Services Also see #GENERAL BILLING

  • When physicians come off call, they will usually have consult forms (yellow sheets) which must be noted in the section ledger, and copied and filed in flexi folders on top of filing cabinets. The original yellow sheet then goes to MD Practice Solutions. They may also have small index cards that have been addressographed. These also go to MD Practice Solutions for billing.
Discuss.gif If the consult forms go to MD, is that just for billing or do they keep records for Rheumatology on top of that?
      • I do not know if MD keeps copies of consults once we send them there.
  • Go online to the Master Call schedule and update as necessary. ( Check to see if your physicians have added any new dates in which they will be on call. Often after GFT meetings, there will be changes/additions to call and it is best to get the changes up in the schedule as soon as possible.
  • You will also be required to add the upcoming year to the Master Call schedule so physicians may add dates they wish to be on call in the future. Be sure to note any holidays and meetings specific to Rheumatology in the Comment section.


  • All information regarding recruitment can be found on the Internal Medicine WIKI at
  • You will work with the Travel Coordinator so that flights and accommodations for the potential recruit are booked. Ground transportation while in Winnipeg will also be arranged by you.
  • Once the dates and travel arrangements have been confirmed, the Section Head will tell you who needs to be contacted to set up formal interviews with for the recruit.
  • The Section Head will ask you to prepare and set up itineraries for potential recruit visits. You will distribute the itinerary to the recruit, section members and those who will be meeting with the recruit.
  • The Section Head may request that the recruit be given time for a presentation to the section. You will need to coordinate with the Program Administrator - Rheumatology(Marie Field, to find a time for a presentation.
  • You may be asked to book a dinner with several faculty members and the recruit. Make sure the original receipt from the dinner is kept which will be submitted to the Department for reimbursement.
  • You will be required to escort the candidate to their various meetings.


  • You may be asked to arrange for a teleconference. Our teleconference information (i.e. phone# and PIN#) is located in Contacts under "teleconference".
Discuss.gif *Whose contacts? If this is in your outlook then this info would not help someone covering for you...User:Ttenbergen 17:34, 1 November 2018 (CDT)
    • Ask Tom about this - access through Public Folders and I received initial contacts from my predecessor.
  • Everyone involved with the teleconference must be notified of call-in numbers. You are main contact person if difficulties arise.


We often have to look ahead at physician’s schedules to make sure physicians are available when visiting speakers are planning on visiting or when teaching needs to be scheduled.

  • You may also interact with other Program Administrators requesting your rheumatologists to meet with candidates for other programs during CaRMS Match and for teaching of Med II’s and undergraduates.
  • You will interact with various medical students, residents, summer students, etc., that are being mentored by Drs. Peschken, Robinson and El-Gabalawy. You may be required to set up meetings and assist the students as required.
  • Dr. Robinson mentors Med Students and you are tasked with arranging meetings, usually in the form of breakfasts (Aaltos at CanadInn) once every two months or so. Choose dates that work for Dr. Robinson and send out a Doodle Poll to students. After date is established, an e-mail is sent stating date, time and location of meeting. You will reserve a table at the agreed upon time/date of the breakfast.

Physicians’ CV’s

  • You will be required to go onto the website Pub Med (usually monthly) to search out your physicians’ name to see if there are any new publications to add to their CV’s.
  • About once monthly update Drs. Peschken, Robinson’s and El-Gabalawy’ s paper CV (they will need to give you access to this in Google documents as it is a shared drive) and Canadian Common CV with new publications, committees or any other new information.
  • Any talks your physicians give/meetings they attend should be noted on their CV’s.


  • Any physician absences should also be noted on Rheumatology Holiday/Meeting Schedule X:\Leanne\HOLIDAY-MEETING SCHEDULE. This schedule lists dates of vacations, meetings and other absences of most Rheumatology staff. This is sent to education coordinator, physician services manager, and research staff for their information to use when arranging coverage, setting up residents, etc. You will have to contact community rheumatologists’ and/or their secretaries directly for this information (i.e. Drs. Baillie, McCarthy, Brar & Singh).
  • You will interact with Ongomiizwin (formerly known as Northern Medical Unit) regarding Dr. Robinson’s clinics in St. Theresa Point, Wasagamack, Red Sucker Lake and Norway House. It is best review the tentative schedules with Dr. Robinson and request changes as necessary to accommodate his schedule. A package will arrive a few days prior to the departure date which will include flight info, ground transportation info, accommodation info and dictation supplies. Once Dr. Robinson returns, you will take the package back to Ongomiizwin’s office in Basic Medical Sciences, 6th floor.
  • Sit down with both Drs. Robinson and El-Gabalawy at least once every two weeks and go over their upcoming commitments. Troubleshoot any potential conflicts and seek their guidance with same.
  • Interact with pharmaceutical reps regarding booking appointments with Drs. Peschken and Robinson. It is best to keep a running list with the names of the reps and the date they are being seen as Drs. Peschken and Robinson’s calendar are always in flux and changes are often required. Drs. El-Gabalawy does not currently meet with any pharmaceutical reps.
  • Interact with IT troubleshooting technicians (Systems Analyst (Tom Fraser)/Systems Support Analyst (Raymund Roque) as required regarding computer/dictation issues (for self or on behalf of physicians).
  • Assist with arranging interviews for various positions, as required.
  • You will handle the Metro speaker’s flights and accommodations. This will involve Travel - WRHA (usually using HSC account #8774), getting credit card information for hotel and dinner venue through SAP, and arranging ground transportation. You will also set up the itinerary.
  • Maintain the bulletin board in RR149 with up-to-date information such as clinic schedules, call schedules (per period and yearly), Internal Medicine Grand Rounds schedule as well as any other notices from U of M or HSC relevant to Rheumatology.
  • E-mail HSC paging with the dates your physicians will be away (for meetings, vacations, etc.) In addition to the dates they are away, I will usually note “During this time, any patient related calls should be directed to clinic at 7-2392 and urgent physician calls for him should be directed to the rheumatologist on call” so callers are appropriately directed.
  • You will be asked to order triplicate prescription pads for your physicians sporadically. You will send an e-mail to Manitoba Prescribing Practices and list your physicians name and their respective licence number. When pads (4) are received you will label them 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc. Each physician usually has a specific place in their office where they keep used pads and new ones.
  • With regard to summer students (may or may not be med students, but jobs are unrelated to our education programs), you may be required to fill out initial paperwork and submit to the Physician Service Manager for processing. Will need to scan contracts/paperwork and send electronically and interface with students over summer.
  • Will be required to cover Secretary II duties during absences.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Interact with Department Head's office for various meetings and other sectional issues as necessary.
committee support
 on committeeschairing
Dr. Christine PeschkenResearch and Faculty Development Committee
Community Engagement Subcommittee
Dr. Hani El-GabalawyResearch and Faculty Development Committee
Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology
Rheumatology Residency Training Committee
Executive Committee
Research and Faculty Development Committee
Dr. Konstantin JilkineQuality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee - (DOM QUIPS-C)
Dr. Liam O'NeilManitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology

Arthritis Society

  • Interface with The Arthritis Society regarding meetings; at this time Dr. Peschken sits on their board and meetings (in person or via web) must be noted in her calendar. You will often be contacted to book rooms here or to just assist with some ongoing functions they have (annual Walk, their annual general meeting, to name a few). They also contact us for lists of drug reps, staff and other miscellaneous information.
  • You and the Arthritis Society’s Office Assistant (Gisela Runge-2018) will work together in planning the annual Metro Ogryzlo dinner. She will arrange for the dinner venue, menu, etc., and you will handle the invitations, RSVP’s for physicians and invited pharmacy reps.


  • You will assist the physicians with their grant submissions, usually in the form of maintaining their paper CV’s and updating their Canadian Common CV’s (online). Depending on the grant type, you may be required to photocopy and hand deliver (HSC Foundation) or courier (Winnipeg Foundation) the grant. Others such as CIHR are submitted electronically by the physician/researcher directly.
  • Signatures are usually required on all applications including that of the Department Head, prior to submission. You will drop off or pick up these documents (i.e. ethics approval, grants, etc.). The Research Nurse is often involved as well.
  • You may be required to email collaborators to obtain their CCCV PIN# for your physician.
  • You will interact with the various research staff including (Ann Huggard) Research Nurse, (Mellissa Moyen & Maria Sevilla) Research Technicians, and Irene Smolik PhD. You will help coordinate study patient appointments for physicians and research related meetings. They may also ask you to scan or copy documents or assist them with various tasks including ordering of supplies (SAP or Grant & Toy).


Discuss.gif This section contains info that may be duplicated in the following places; could it be integrated there instead for generalities, with only specifics like ##s used living on this page? :


  • Process all orders as requested in SAP. This may include items such as paper or batteries from the warehouse (we have an SLOC for regularly ordered items), or more complex orders such as lab supplies for research, or transferring funds from HSC to U of M, etc. When approached about any potentials orders, ensure you collect the cost centre or SPA account numbers for billing, as well as the appropriate quantity and particulars for items needs (i.e. Vendor name and vendor stock #).
  • All orders will go through the approval process set up in the SAP system and will be signed off by management prior to the actual ordering.
  • You may occasionally need to contact Purchasing and/or Supply and Distribution to check on the status of an order.
  • Keep a binder with all requests, the requesters name and all applicable dates for future reference.


  • Payroll for assigned group of employees (approx. 22+ employees – under Kaley Wusaty-Phillips, Liane Davidson & Tracey Burton’s auspices)
  • Employees will submit their timesheets to you by email and send a copy to their appropriate manager. You will process all timesheets and enter the proper time and/or absences into SAP.
  • All timesheets are kept in a binder in chronological order for future references. In addition, the emails can be kept in a separate online folder as well.
  • You will occasionally be asked to submit payroll correction notices or changes to work schedules. You may need to investigate errors as they come up and ensure staff are notified and adjustments/corrections made in a timely fashion (notify manager of all discrepancies).
  • Payroll must be completed each week by Friday morning, at the latest. If all timesheets are not received, you must email reminders Thursday morning. Send a printout electronically of ZCATS to both PSM - Rheumatology and Kim Armitt once all information is entered.
  • When you are going to be away, you must ensure that all your payroll people are aware so they can give you their forecasted timesheets. Changes can be made upon your return as necessary.


Concur Travel & Expense

  • When physicians are travelling on University business, we use Concur Travel & Expense to make their travel arrangements. Through Concur we are able to take advantage of the University preferred vendor negotiated rates.
  • For Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy, who travels the most through the University, U of M Travel Provider is the travel company who handles flights and accommodations. Email them initially to check for flight options. You will then pass on the options to Dr. El-Gabalawy for his approval of flights.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary information such as the appropriate FOAP to be used for the travel expenses. For Dr. El-Gabalawy’s travel, we usually use First Nations Grant 307423-340900-?-2000 but he will let you know if he want reimbursement from somewhere else (Dean’s Fund/GFT Travel see below).
  • You will process travel reimbursement claims as a delegate for the physicians. They will need to choose you as a delegate in the Concur system to enable you to act on their behalf. They will need to provide you with all receipts and the necessary documentation to complete the expense claim.

GFT/Dean’s Travel

  • Dean's Travel Fund
  • GFT Travel Fund Guidelines
  • Drs. Peschken, Robinson and El-Gabalawy are using the Dean’s Fund (3K) for the Annual American College of Rheumatology (ACR) meeting in late fall. It is best to send in the request around July when most of the information will be up on the site as to registration and hotels available. We usually know a year in advance of location and dates.

WHRA Approved SPA Funded Travel

Discuss.gif Is this covered by any of the processes in Travel or is this something we don't have documented elsewhere yet? User:Ttenbergen 17:48, 1 November 2018 (CDT)
  • Occasionally travel will be requested through funds housed in a SPA account within the WRHA.
  • All forms can be found in the INSITE WRHA intranet website and must be filled out prior to travel.
  • Once approval is received, you can proceed with booking. We use the WRHA Travel Provider for this and they can be emailed directly when looking for flights and hotels. This is used for our Metro Ogryzlo lecture speaker annually. It may sometimes be used also for nurses’ travel to ACR (as above) or CRA (Canadian Rheumatology Association) at the Section Head’s discretion.
  • Reimbursement claims can be processed once all travel has occurred.
  • Ensure all receipts are kept for reimbursement as copies will not be accepted by WRHA finance.


Discuss.gif Can this section be integrated into the following for generalities:
  • You may need to process cheque requisitions for various types of reimbursements such as petty cash, mileage, honoraria, food receipts etc.
  • All of the forms can be found on the INSITE WRHA Intranet website.
  • All forms will require proper cost centre information, expense codes, and be signed off by the appropriate signing authorities.
  • It is imperative that original receipts accompany the requests as WRHA finance will not accept copies; keep copies of all requests sent out.
  • Any requisitions for $100 or less can be taken to the cashier for direct reimbursement, while all others must be sent to WRHA finance for processing.
  • Reimbursement cheques are mailed to the individual’s home address so the finance office will need a current address for the claimant.



  • Accuro is the electronic medical records system that our Rheumatology Clinic uses. Your access will allow you to see the patient lists for our rheumatologists, demographics of patients, as well as their electronic medical record which includes letters as dictated by the physicians, test results that have been scanned into Accuro and other medical information.

EPR Gateway

  • EPR
  • EPR is another electronic patient record system which is also used by HSC. You will have viewing access only for some of the areas to check for demographics of patients, their HSC # etc.

Medical Records

  • You may be required to order the physical paper chart from Medical Records (7-3313) if requested by a physician. You must know the HSC# of the patient to order the chart. You will have to pick up same from Medical Records in the General Hospital.
  • Once the physician is finished with the chart, it must be returned to Medical Records in a timely fashion.
  • If you receive requests for Medical Information from physicians’ offices, hospitals, insurance companies, etc., refer them to Medical Records to handle, unless your physicians explicitly request you deal with.

Internal Medicine WIKI


  • You will be asked to organize and plan various events by your physicians. This may involve planning a speaker visit (i.e. Metro Ogryzlo), an Academic Half Day - Rheumatology and City Wide Rounds, symposium, workshop or others. You will be the “point” person who usually sends out the invitations and receives RSVP’s and/or registrations.
  • Speaker visits must be approved by the Section Head. The speaker may be someone that is being invited at a cost to the section, using SPA funds or could be sponsored by Pharma or other organizations.
  • Once the speaker has been identified and approval received from the Section Head, the date must be set. If pharma sponsoring, you will be provided with a poster/invite and bio of the speaker which will need to be distributed. The Section Head will advise who is to be invited. Ensure when dealing with Pharma all hospital and university policies are adhered to. Detailed policies are available on the University website.
  • If the speaker is someone we are paying for, the Section Head will need to identify the sources of funds being used and a pre-approval must be completed and signed by the appropriate people. Once you have a pre-approval code from WRHA, you will then book Visitor Travel arrangements accordingly.
  • You may be asked to arrange information sessions (i.e. ultrasound learning session); this involves room booking, sending out invitations, keeping a head count, itinerary for visiting facilitator, and arranging breakfast and/or lunch.
  • You will organize quarterly Rheumatology Social Journal Club. This is an informal get together of attendings and any trainees interested or possibly interested in Rheumatology. This will initially involve a Doodle poll for the best date and emails inviting trainees once date chosen. You will be responsible for emailing out the articles and letting everyone know of the location of event and time.
  • For larger events such as symposiums or workshops, we have in the past asked the Department of Medicine to borrow the services of the Communications and Special Events Officer (Vacant) as she has many contacts throughout the University and also with various hotels in Winnipeg. Irene Smolik, our research PhD, also has assisted with tasks (travel/accommodation arrangements) in the past as well.


  • Various staff events occur throughout the year at the request and discretion of the Section Head and/or other physicians.
  • You will plan, organize and execute such events. You will need to coordinate everything from creating invites, sending them out to appropriate invitees, maintaining an RSVP list, ordering food, assisting in collecting money for gift(s) if necessary (usually someone from clinic also helps collect), booking rooms, decorating and any other tasks.
  • Check with whomever is asking you to arrange same where they want food ordered from and how we are to pay (HSC or U of M account vs. physician(s) paying personally).
  • Events could be in form of Christmas party, retirement party, welcoming a new staff member, baby shower, summer BBQ, etc.
  • These events could be onsite, at a restaurant or at a personal residence