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The Program Secretary - Respiratory Medicine provides secretarial support for the Section of Respiratory Medicine. See #Responsibilities. The role is currently held by:

Information Systems

InfoSystem AdditionalSetupInfo
EPR Access to Bronchoscopy Schedule
EPR Access to Pulmonary Function Test Schedule

Department file shares

Onboarding tasks

There are no Onboarding tasks registered for this role.


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  • EPR - Setup Note: Access to Bronchoscopy Schedule



  • EPR - Setup Note: Access to Pulmonary Function Test Schedule






Additional Info

Physicians Supported

 supported by
Dr. Angela DesautelsMichelle Wojnowski
Dr. Clare RamseyJacqueline D'Souza
Dr. David ChristiansenTina Bland
Dr. Eleni GiannouliJacqueline D'Souza
Dr. Gregg EschunTina Bland
Dr. James BrasJacqueline D'Souza
Dr. Kimberley MulcheyJacqueline D'Souza
Dr. Martha AinslieMichelle Wojnowski
Dr. Martha ShepertyckyTina Bland
Dr. Musawir AhmedMichelle Wojnowski
Dr. Nancy PorhownikJacqueline D'Souza
Dr. Stephen CorneMichelle Wojnowski
Dr. Steven MinkJacqueline D'Souza
Dr. Zoheir BshoutyJacqueline D'Souza


Physicians Calendars

The secretary maintains the respiratory physicians calendars for clinics, rounds, UGME and PGME teaching, and various business meeting requests.

Physician Billings

Physician Billing Services

Collect all billing (6 month cut-off period from the date of service for claim submission effective January 1, 2018) from all the respirologists. Send billings through internal mail, the HSC mailroom has a medical courier pick up that goes directly to MD Practice Solution every day at 12:30 pm. Alternately billings can be sent via e-mail to MD Practice Solutions. Send out billings weekly.

Some billings are scanned and saved to physicians' shared drive folder by the secretary or photocopied as requested. Monthly physician's Accuro Rx report are generated from, printed and submitted for billing. Non-Accuro prescription, EDS and other miscellaneous billings are reviewed to ensure all patient billing information is listed. The patient's demographics can be checked using the EPR system.


Insurance paperwork, non-Accuro prescriptions, EDS and other miscellaneous letters and forms are faxed by the respiratory secretary.

Physician absence notification

In advance of the physician's absence from HSC, the respiratory secretary will send out a memo stating the away dates and who will be providing any coverage during their absence. The physician's Accuro coverage will be covered automatically by the B HSC Respiratory Physician on Outside Call unless otherwise stated and should be noted on the 'away' memo. The shared drive has individualized memos for each physician's list of notifications.

A general respiratory absence memo can be sent to the following by either e-mail or fax:

  • Respiratory Section Members (by e-mail)
  • Respiratory Fellows (by e-mail)
  • Respiratory Outpatients Department (fax 787-2420)
  • Respiratory Outpatient Nurse Clinicians (by e-mail)
  • Respiratory Secretaries (by e-mail)
  • Jenelle Partridge, Manager of Patient Care, GH6 (by e-mail)
  • Respiratory Medical Staff, GH6 (fax 7-3526)
  • Adult Medical Admissions Department, MS193 (fax 787-1286)
  • Health Sciences Centre Switchboard, MS108 (fax 787-3530)
  • Medical Information, MS149B (fax 787-5002)
  • MD Practice Solutions (by e-mail)
  • Holly Thibert (Program Administrator - Respiratory Medicine) (by e-mail)
  • St. Boniface Hospital Paging (fax 204-231-3492) if applicable
  • Misericordia Sleep Centre (204-779-8657) if applicable
  • Home Oxygen (204-940-6691) if applicable

Copy and paste full memo body into e-mail, save and send e-mail memo with subject line to include the full range of dates the physician will be away.

Example of Subject Line: Dr. Martha Ainslie's absence memo - away dates Feb 18 - 25, 2019

Respiratory Clinic Calendar

Sara Harms,Michelle Wojnowski, and Rita Greco manage the clinic cancellations, add-ins and changes through the Respiratory Clinic calendar found on Microsoft Outlook.

All cancelled clinic/changed clinic requests are documented on the Clinic Cancellation form, signed by the secretary on behalf of the physician (if less than 30 days must be signed by section head as well). MD will e-mail secretary or verbally request an add-in clinic. Secretary to check the Outlook calendar if there is available clinic space and review with Rosemarie in RSOPD to confirm if unsure. Secretary to update the Outlook calendar with date of entry and MD name in color as below: Orange = cancelled clinic; Green = changed clinic; Blue = add-in clinic.

Cancelled clinic form: scan and e-mail to: MD cancelling clinic RSOPD Clinic Manager: Jenelle Partridge RSOPD Clinic Clerks RSOPD Clinic Nurses Education Coordinator - Holly Thibert (Program Administrator - Respiratory Medicine) Respiratory Tech: Clara Marques

Add-in clinic: no form needed. Send an e-mail as below: Subject Line: [MD Name] add-in clinic - [date] [time] Body: [MD Name] will do an add-in clinic on [date] [time]. [He/She will assign the patients to be booked / Please book [type (New/TB, etc)or max # of patients] The shared calendar has been updated.

Catering Orders

Sara Harms prepares catering orders for Chest Rounds usually held each Wednesday afternoon and Radiology/Pathology Rounds once every month, usually the 3rd Wednesday.

For Chest Rounds the contact person is: Paula (Anna) Oliveira HSC Catering Retail Food Services Tel: (204)787-2220 Fax: (204)787-4136 E-mail: and For HSC on-line intranet orders:

For Rad/Path Rounds the order is less than $50 and must be picked up. The food is delivered to RS205 for Chest Rounds. All dishes are picked up by HSC Catering. All food orders to be CANCELLED if rounds are cancelled.

Sleep Clinic Schedule

Sheli Veilleux Office Team Leader Sleep Disorder Centre Office: 204-788-8534 Reception: 204-788-8570 Fax: 204-779-8657

Sheli e-mails the Sleep Clinic Schedule on a monthly basis for the following respirologists: Dr. Eleni Giannouli, Dr. Stephen Corne, Dr. Nancy Porhownik, Dr. Angela Desautels and Dr. Kimberley Mulchey.

The Sleep Clinics need to be reviewed for any conflicts in each of the respiratory physician's calendar. The dates and times are entered into MD's calendar by the secretary.

Wayne Thompson Coordinator, Sleep Lab, Sleep Disorder Centre Office: 204-788-8533 Lab: 204-788-8537 / 8570 & Fax: 204-779-8657

Wayne sends out the Sleep Physician On-Call schedule every 6 months or changes/corrections as needed.

Riverview Health Centre 2 East Coverage

Dr. Stephen Corne is the Director of 2 East, Riverview as of January 1, 2019. The following physicians regularly provide weekly coverage for the Riverview Health Centre, 1 Morley Avenue, Winnipeg:

Dr. Stephen Corne, Dr. Eleni Giannouli, Dr. Musawir Ahmed, Dr. Marcus Blouw, Dr. James Bras and Dr. Steven Mink. These physicians can be reached through HSC paging.

Patient billing bed lists for 2 East Wing can be requested by fax.

Confidential Waste

There is a locked confidential waste bin on RS3. The secretary disposes confidential waste from the physician offices into the hallway bin for proper disposal. Pick-up is every Thursday.

RS205 Respiratory Boardroom

Every Monday morning the boardroom is reserved for Respiratory Monday Morning Teaching, and every Wednesday afternoon the boardroom is reserved for Respiratory weekly academic activities. These bookings are done by Holly Thibert, Education Coordinator.


Both Sara Harms and Michelle Wojnowski manage the RS205 boardroom booking for the telehealth clinics for the Respiratory Clinic. The Respiratory clerks send e-mails to both Michelle Wojnowski and Sara Harms if they want to schedule a telehealth patient or block off for a telehealth clinic. All notifications from MBTelehealth are e-mailed to secretaries with dial-in number, code, date, time and room number. The RS205 Respiratory Boardroom is located at the Respiratory Hospital, 810 Sherbrook Street, Pink Goose Zone, Level 2. This boardroom has a computer with internet connection and telehealth link. RSOPD Clerks will create/request the telehealth link via MBTelehealth and schedule the patients in Accuro and notify the patients. Telehealth links for education activities are created/requested via MBTelehealth by Holly Thibert.

Secretary to place a weekly schedule of the RS205 boardroom bookings on the boardroom table and a copy in the telehealth binder in RS321 secretary's office cupboard. Print 2 copies of the RS205 Outlook calendar - weekly schedule view: 1 for table on the RS205 boardroom, and 1 for Telehealth binder in RS321 secretary's office cupboard. Generate booking list from The list will include the site and codec for connecting telehealth sites (**Watch for missing dial in #s and codes for Nunavut and Ontario sites**). Copy and paste telehealth bookings list into Word Document Weekly Telehealth Schedule template, update date headings and print 2 copies: 1 for table on the RS205 boardroom, and 1 for Telehealth binder in RS321 secretary's office cupboard.

If the user has any technical issues with the telehealth link they can call the Service Desk at Digital Health at 204-940-8500 option 4 or toll free 1-866-999-9698 option 4.

Bronch/EBUS Availability Schedule

Michelle Wojnowski generates the EPR Bronchoscopy Suite bookings EPR Appointment list for the upcoming week. Update the document Weekly EBUS Schedule Word document with booked and remaining open spots. Distribute via e-mail every Friday morning for the following week. The e-mail is sent to the Respiratory physicians A & B on-call from the Respiratory Service Schedule and as well to the following people in Thoracics: Anna-Lisa Di-Gioia, Dr. Larry Tan, Marta Starzec, Shirley Manzon, and Vera Taylasheva. Also copies the Respiratory OPD clerks in Respiratory Clinic who can make changes as necessary.

Pleurx Patient Statistics List

The pleurx patient statistics list is a yearly list of all the pleurx insertions and removals performed by Dr. Martha Ainslie and Dr. James Bras at the Health Sciences Centre. The spreadsheet keeps track of patient demographics, side and date of insertion and diagnosis. The spreadsheet is saved to the shared drive and both secretaries have access to this.

Cystic Fibrosis Patient List

Michelle Wojnowski maintains the Cystic Fibrosis Patient List of Manitoba. The CF Patient List is updated regularly on an Excel spreadsheet documenting the patients of Manitoba with CF in alphabetical order with their demographic information, their genetic mutation if known, and the name of their family physician. Michelle Wojnowski updates the list as needed. The list is saved on the Respiratory Medicine's shared drive under CF Patient Lists.

  • Where does the list live? On a Department file share? Does everyone who might have to cover have rights to this?

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