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The Program Secretary - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation provides secretarial support for the Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. See #Responsibilities. The role is currently held by:

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  • Answers phones for RR133 (787-2270) as well as any call transfers.
  • Patients phoning regarding insurance papers or any other documents left with physicians for signatures etc., take their name, phone number and check with physicians.
  • All other incoming calls, determine the nature and urgency of the call, handle routine matters, take and relay messages for physicians, triage and priorities as needed.
  • leave detailed message on voicemail when absent directing callers to proper back ups, ie. RRPOD and Lynda (787-2206).
  • Cover other staff in office for sick relief or vacation as needed.
  • Make appointments with drug reps for Dr. Arneja and remind the physician, Dr. Skrabek does not see drug reps.

Fax and photocopy

  • Check fax machine regularly for any incoming faxes from 787-1476 in Room RR110.
  • Fax prescriptions to pharmacies as requested by the physicians, photocopy and send one to Physician Billing Services and file original on HSC chart.
  • Fax and/or photocopy any insurance, MPI, WCB or disability documents, and send to billing Physician Billing Services and keep copy in binders. These copies do not go on HSC chart.
  • These statements are sent by Medical Couriers on Fridays.

In-patient consults from hsc and other hospitals

  • Consults are faxed to us from HSC and other hospitals.
  • They are documented according to Service (Stroke, Amputee, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Musculoskeletal) in the Red Binder in front of Martha’s desk.
  • A copy of the consult is given to the resident who is on service at that time and a copy to the Clinical Assistant if no resident is on the schedule.
  • At the end of each month, they are faxed to Shannon Davis at Deer Lodge Hospital, at 204-831-2148.

Mail deliveries

  • Rehab Medicine Cost Centre # 10400332
  • Accept and distribute any mail to physicians and deliveries received.
  • Arrange Purolator for national and international deliveries, account # 8641530, cost centre # 10400332.
  • Sign for deliveries from Fedex etc.


  • Type various types of correspondence from Dictaphone, rough draft, over the phone, such as Medico-legal letters and enclose Statement of Account billing, memos, away notices as Needed (See Appendix # 1 and # 2 is billing amounts for MPI).
  • As a wiki page this doesn't have appendices, but they could be stored as a separate page. Are the billing amounts the same for all our physicians? If so we should have a central page. If not we should discuss. For the moment, if these live on a file share you could provide the file share address.
DiscussMeeting.png PSM Meeting AW vision for the Secretary role on Wiki
  • Is this something that has similar enough components across the section that the process should be kept in Physician Billing instead?
  • Dr. Skrabek brings medico-legal letters from Pan Am Clinic and Pain Clinic for billings.

Other duties

  • Do payroll sheets every Wednesday and submit to Kaley Wusaty-Phillips (Physician Services Manager - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) .
  • Send DOCCS in each month for physicians in the section for their on-call schedule (See Appendix # 3)
  • On Friday, collect all billings and send to Physician Billing Services
  • Help other staff in office when needed.
  • Check bulletin board for old notices, take down and replace with new ones.
  • Remind Dr. Skrabek and Dr. Arneja of upcoming meetings.
  • When asked to put a patient on the waiting list from Dr. Arneja, Dr. Skrabek or Patrick Gross physiotherapist, it is faxed to Lindsay at the Central Wait List, 204-982-0144, RR5 nursing station 74086 and Admitting 71286.
  • When a chart is requested for an insurance form, WCB etc, the patient’s name and chart number and fax to Medical Records at 75002.
  • Look for charts in the physician’s office if Medical Records calls or OPD Clinic needs the chart for clinic.
  • Photocopy forms for patients and for chart and enclose Statement of Account billing and one copy goes to Physician Billing Services
  • Inpatient billings for Dr. Arneja when he is covering the ward on RR5 for the amp service. Concomittant Care – Code 8520 and Team Rounds – Code 8477.
  • Inpatient billings for Dr. Lesiuk when he is covering the ward on RR5 for Neuromusculoskeletal service, Concomittant Care – Code 8520 and Team Rounds Code 8477
  • File letters for Dr. Arneja and Dr. Skrabek in their binders.
  • File letters for Dr. Arneja and Dr. Skrabek in the Amputee files in the office.

General billing

  • Collect all billing (6 month cut-off period from the date of service for claim submission effective January 1, 2018) from all the physicians and on Friday send to:

The official contact for Rehab Medicine is:

Rosario Padilla
Office No. (204) 988-4869
Fax No.: (204) 988-4870

Supplies, maintenance, housekeeping

must be signed off  by manager.
  • Order billing cards and letterhead from Print Shop as needed (see attached sample)
Interro-01.gif There is no attached sample, where could it be found?
  • Contact HSC Security to open doors if needed .
  • Process any requests or replacement/repair related to Pagers
  • Contact Digital Health for any computer/networking issues at 204-940-8500.
  • Phone Supply & Distribution for pick up of confidential waste when required .

printers and paper

  • Order any supplies as needed from the Warehouse (SAP) and Konica Minolta for any repair to photocopy machine. Konica Minolta photocopy machines are on contract with Shared Health and the printer cartridges are free as part of the printer optimization contract. The order form is on the public Folders. Please complete the form with the model # and all pertinent information and then it is emailed to Konica Minolta.
  • Paper for photocopy machines is ordered in SAP. Only SAP requisitioners are authorized to order supplies in SAP. The org chief approves.
Interro-01.gif This seems inconsistent with How To Order Printer Supplies for WRHA Printers. Is the process really different?

Cancellation of RSOPD clinics

  • Department of Internal Medicine, Clinic Cancellation Request form must be filled out and signed by the Section Head, Dr. Ryan Skrabek, if shorter than 30 days. Then it is faxed to Juliann at 74086 so she can inform the Clinic. (Appendix #4)

Section meetings and minutes

  • Rehab Medicine Section Meetings are held the first Monday of each month except July and August and are held in the Rehab Board Room starting at 5:00 PM
  • The Minutes of the meeting and Agenda are sent out at least a week ahead of time and a copy is kept in a binder on filing cabinet.
  • Participate and take minutes at the Rehab Medicine Section meeting and transcribe minutes of meeting.
  • The section meetings are confidential and any information discussed at these meetings shall be kept confidential and released to individuals on a need to know basis or on the approval or at the request of the Section Head only.

Physician absence notification

Interro-01.gif Do you do these? If so, to what extent do you follow what is at Physician absence notification? Please see if you have anything to contribute to that page, and put additional destinations you might send to here.