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The Program Secretary - Hepatology provides secretarial support for the Section of Hepatology. See #Responsibilities. The role is currently held by:

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The Program Secretary - Hepatology provides secretarial support for the Section of Hepatology. See #Responsibilities.



Physicians Supported

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Dr. Eberhard RennerIngrid Reuter
Dr. Gerald Y. MinukRoberta Vizniak
Dr. Kelly KaitaAnnette Nanowski
Dr. Nabiha FaisalAnnette Nanowski
Dr. Stephen WongColleen McRae


  • Retrieve messages left from after-hours the day before. * Reply promptly to messages left.
  • Answers phone as well as any call transfers.
  • Patients inquiring regarding insurance forms. Check to see if these forms were received and filled out and sent to the requestor. If the Physicians is billing for these services ensure a Billing Statement is including and a copy sent to MD Practice Solutions.
  • Patients or Dr. Offices calling regarding a Hepatology Consult or appointment please have them call the clinic at 204-787-3500.
  • GI Consults for Dr. Peretz are to be faxed to 204-789-3987. These are to be placed on his desk for review. Other GI inquiries can be either forwarded to Samantha at Bairdmore Clinic 204-940-8332 or to Dr. Peretz
  • All other incoming calls or messages, determine the nature and urgency of the call, forward the message to the physician or send the physician a detailed email handle routine matters.
  • Make appointments with drug reps for the doctors. Enter appointment in their calendars.
  • Cover other staff in office for sick relief or vacation as needed.
  • Leave detailed message on voicemail when absent or on vacation directing the callers to the person covering.

Fax and photocopy

  • Check fax machine in JBRC 801 Sort and distribute faxes to other Secretaries for their physicians.
  • Return New Hepatology Consult to sender with cover page including new consult referral form to be faxed to 204-940-8176
  • Return Prescription renewal request if a hepatology patient seen at HSC and have them fax to 204-940-8176. If not a patient at HSC place on physicians desk. Once signed fax and send copy to billing. Return original and fax confirmation to physician.
  • Check through faxes received for each physician. All incoming HSC patient related documents and labs are to be sent to clinic in their appropriate Physicians folders to be scanned in ACCURO for the physicians to review. Dr. Peretz (Blue Folder) Dr. Cuvelier (Yellow Folder)
  • Fax any insurance forms MPI, WCB or disability forms. Once confirmation has gone through send to clinic to scan in ACCURO.
  • Faxes received from Colon Check for upcoming procedures are to be placed on Dr. Peretz desk. Please attach with bulldog clip.
  • All GI Consults for Dr. Peretz are to be placed on his desk.
  • Dictations from Dr. Peretz from Grace, Vic, Seven Oaks or Concordia are to be separated and paper clipped together and place on top of his computer on his desk.
  • Other documents addressed to Dr. Peretz are to be checked in PACT to see if they are HSC patients. If so place in blue folder to be sent to clinic scan in ACCURO. If not place on his desk with a symbol ( ᴓ hsc ).

In-patient consults from hsc and other hospitals

  • Consults that are faxed to us from HSC.
  • They are to be sent down to clinic to be scanned in ACCURO.

Mail deliveries

  • Cost Centre # (SAP): 10400278 ensure all envelopes have Cost Centre on them
  • Accept and distribute any mail to physicians and deliveries received.
  • Sign for deliveries from mailroom, couriers, FedEx etc.

Other duties

  • Check email throughout the day.
  • Updated physician’s calendars throughout the day.
  • Remind the doctors of upcoming meetings.
  • Prepare charts daily for upcoming clinic. Print clinic list from ACCURO. Run names through PACT, enter new patients and mark them as New ACCURO patients. All others make out cards, pull charts and remove the required documents to be scanned into ACCURO for upcoming clinic and stamp SCANNED on inside and outside of charts. Once the charts have been scanned return to PACT program and mark scanned in the Notes section. Once charts are returned from clinic with an X return to PACT and in the Notes section beside scanned mark an X. this indicated that this chart will not be returning to clinic.
  • Check Dr. Cuvelier’s office for any outgoing documents to be faxed or mailed. Located in the corner of her desk (black tray). Charts on top tray are to be refiled. Charts labeled Research are to be given to Wendy in Research ensure out card indicates the chart is in research.
  • Check Dr. Peretz’s office for any outgoing documents to be faxed or mailed. Located on his desk facing out, and also what is in his black tray far left on his desk.
  • Fax prescription refills to pharmacy and return with confirmation to Dr. Peretz if not HSC patient
  • Fax colon check reports back to colon check as requested when indicated.
  • Fax request to Liver Case Conference rounds for discussion when Dr. Peretz request to be sent for upcoming rounds.
  • Deliver to Clinic any documents that Dr. Peretz indicates that should be taken to clinic.
  • Mail out Endoscopy and Gastroscopy Reports to referring physicians and to cc’d physicians. If there isn’t a copy for the cc’d physician make a copy and mail it out.
  • Upon physician request, pull private chart and place on their desk for them to review. If HSC chart is required, please call 204-787-3313 and request the chart on day in advance.
  • Book meeting room for physicians at their request.
  • Book Video conference room for the year through MB Telehealth
  • Do travel pre-approval for physicians as requested.
  • Help other staff in office when needed.

General billing

  • Once a week collect all billings from each physician make copy of all billings. Send originals to MD Practice Solutions of Manitoba Inc. 100-205 Fort Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1E3. Copy of billing is to be placed in appropriate binders for each physician
  • Collect all billing (6 month cut-off period from the date of service for claim submission effective January 1, 2018) from all the physicians to MD Practice Solutions of Manitoba Inc

Contact person for Hepatology billing is: :

Rosario Padilla
Office No. (204) 988-4869
Fax No.: (204) 988-4870

Supplies, maintenance, housekeeping

  • Office supplies from Grand & Toy. Send request to Annette Nanowski
  • Order billing cards for Dr. Peretz when needed from Print Shop
  • Contact U of M Security to open doors if needed. PH: #3330 from U of M phones
  • Contact Shared Health Service Desk for any computer/networking issues.
  • Arrange pick up of confidential waste when required. 204-787-1894
  • Contact Maria Loureiro 204-787-4175 or Denise Balcaen 204-787-4831 for issues regarding office phones or the (Fax, printer/copier in JBRC 801)

Physician absence notification

Notify Paging when physician is away. Paging HSC ( Secretary handles the Physician Absence notifications. When a physician is going to be away, send an email to the section notifying the other physicians of the absence. Complete a clinic cancellation and send to Kim Werestiuk Complete an endoscopy cancellation form for planned absences and email to MDslates Endoscopy

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