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The Program Secretary - Geriatric Medicine provides secretarial support for the Section of Geriatric Medicine. See #Duties. The role is currently held by:

Information Systems

InfoSystem AdditionalSetupInfo
DOCSS no special instructions
SAP no special instructions

Department file shares

Onboarding tasks

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Additional Info


Physician absence notification

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Interro-01.gif Do you do these? If so, to what extent do you follow what is at Physician absence notification? Please see if you have anything to contribute to that page, and put additional destinations you might send to here.


Procedure Manual – Program Assistant - This job is 50% administrative support to the section of Geriatrics and 50% coordination for Undergraduate Medical Education for Medical Student 1 and 2 and Postgraduate Medical Education


Administrative Assistant

The Section of Geriatric has 5 GFT’s. We provide all admin support to all, Dr. David Strang does also have admin support at DLC (Shannon Davis). We have 0.5 admin support at St. Boniface Hospital (Maria Yabes) and Victoria Hospital (Cristina Wiebe).

We also have a WIKI page Geriatric Medicine which you will need to update accordingly. Create a Geriatric Section with all information regarding the GFT'

You may be asked time to time to do various Admin stuff from GFT’s – kind of going with the flow with this one as they come in.

ROTA scheduling

This is a schedule of all the GFT’s and is a 6 month interval (Jan-May, Jun-Dec). This schedule is where each GFT can be located during each week. It is updated regularly according to Dr. Kristel Van Ineveld. Once created it must be distributed to the ROTA distribution and if there are updates must be redistributed. Also, you will need to input all the vacation that the drs send to you, so that the ROTA can be accurately.

Interro-01.gif This is a type of on-call schedule, right? User:Ttenbergen 17:51, 4 October 2018 (CDT)

Section Meeting

Section meeting are every other month. You are the minute taker and will have to attend. You have to create or update the agenda and send out a week before for any additional items to be added. This meeting consists of the Geriatric Team (larger group- same group as the Annual retreat members) as well as you.

Service Meeting

Service meetings also known as Q2 meetings are every other month as well, except they are not in the same month as the Section meetings. With this you also have to create an agenda to send out the week before for any additional items to be added. You will also be the minute taker for this meeting so you will have to attend take minutes and send out for approval. This meeting consists of the 5 GFT’s, yourself and Care of the Elderly.

Annual Retreat

Is a yearly event that the Geriatric Team meets out of the city. You are responsible to coordinating the event. It usually is a weekend away (Friday evening – Sunday Lunch) and has been held in Lakeview Resort, Gimli and Elkhorn, Onanole (they alternate between locations, maybe add one more). You also create the agenda for entire retreat and take minutes during the meetings as well.

Section Rounds

(Part of Internal Medicine Grand Rounds) – Happens once a year and you are the coordinator of the event. You will have to find speakers and arrange Visitor Travel and reimbursement of all expenses. You are to make sure they have the proper equipment during their talk. Create an Itinerary for the section and email out to the 5GFT’s, do an email invite to anyone else they would like to attend to meet the guest speaker.


CV’s and Common CV’s – you are responsible for updating the 5 GFT’s CV’s anytime they have new items and keeping a copy for them as well.

Baycrest Telehealth Rounds

You will be sent an invite from the representative from Baycrest, and you are responsible to email the invite out to the Baycrest distribution list. In June, Vicki Corris emails the annual schedule of dates for Baycrest Geriatric Medicine Rounds for the following September to June of the academic year. The U of M Admin Assistant sends the dates to Karen Corver of Geriatric Psychiatry in the McEwen building to book the Telehealth conference room (M5012). The U of M Admin Assistant then sends the dates to all other off site contacts so that rooms at other sites can be booked in advance, if desired.

  • Who is this U of M Admin Assistant? User:Ttenbergen 18:06, 4 October 2018 (CDT)

Physician Billing Services

I have been given billing for PSJ and LP, to send to MD Solutions, I would create a copy and a spreadsheet for the data to be entered so we have a running copy for our GFT’s. St. Boniface billing is to be done by St. Boniface admin (once hired) but it is the same procedure.

DOCSS - I would call in the VGH schedule for on call drs for the section. I am only a backup for when Shannon is away but also maybe for the VGH admin (once hired)

SAP - Backup for office secretary 3 to Purchase office supplies on SAP.

  • which Sec 3 is this?
    • You may also be the backup to the admin people from St. Boniface and Victoria Hospital.**

St. Boniface Hospital duties

  • Greet Trainees (students)/ Consults
  • Support for day hospital
  • answer and triage outgoing messages from 2410
  • is that a phone number? Do you mean incoming instead of outgoing?
  • What is this? presumably one will need to be given access to this... User:Ttenbergen 18:04, 4 October 2018 (CDT)
  • Distribute consult info
  • what is consult info? distribute to whom?

Victoria Hospital duties

coordination for Undergraduate Medical Education

Interro-01.gif This has not been documented yet, right? User:Ttenbergen 18:07, 4 October 2018 (CDT)

Physician absence notification

Interro-01.gif Do you do these? If so, to what extent do you follow what is at Physician absence notification? Please see if you have anything to contribute to that page, and put additional destinations you might send to here.

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