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The Program Secretary - General Internal Medicine provides secretarial support for the Section of General Internal Medicine. See #Responsibilities.

The role is currently held by:

Physicians Supported

 supported by
Dr. Aditya SharmaAshley LaRosa
Dr. Allen Kraut
Dr. Amiya ChakrabortyAshley LaRosa
Dr. Andrew MacDiarmidAshley LaRosa
Dr. Anthony BattadAshley LaRosa
Dr. Asad Junaid
Dr. Glen DrobotAshley LaRosa
Dr. Jessica CudmoreAshley LaRosa
Dr. Jillian HortonJanice Gushulak
Dr. Jonathan Laxton
Dr. Jonathon BellasNatasha Passante
Dr. Ken Van AmeydeNatasha Passante
Dr. Kenneth KasperShauna Richter
Dr. Kinny LambaNatasha Passante
Dr. Laura ChisickNatasha Passante
Dr. Michael SemusNatasha Passante
Dr. Michael SochockiBrenda Desrosiers
Dr. Nick HajidiacosChristine Sawatzky
Dr. Ramin HamedaniErva Ritson
Dr. S. Brian PennerRita Greco
Dr. Sandip BhangooAshley LaRosa
Dr. Trevor HutchisonBrenda Desrosiers
Dr. Turnly WongAshley LaRosa
Dr. Tyler FriesenBrenda Desrosiers


Physician absence notification

Interro-01.gif Do you do these? If so, to what extent do you follow what is at Physician absence notification? Please see if you have anything to contribute to that page, and put additional destinations you might send to here.

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