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The Program Secretary - Gastroenterology provides secretarial support for the Section of Gastroenterology. See #Responsibilities. The role is currently held by:

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Physicians Supported

 supported by
Dr. Alexandra Ilnyckyj
Dr. Charles BernsteinEmma Shaw
Dr. Dana MoffattAshley LaRosa
Dr. Donald DuerksenEmma Shaw
Dr. Gerard ConeysAshley LaRosa
Dr. Harminder SinghEmma Shaw
Dr. Michael CantorEmma Shaw
Dr. Seth ShafferEmma Shaw


  • Answers phones for Gastroenterology Offices (789-3369) as well as any call transfers.
  • Patients phoning regarding insurance papers or any other documents left with physicians for signatures etc., take their name, phone number and check with physicians.
  • All other incoming calls, determine the nature and urgency of the call, handle routine matters, take and relay messages for physicians and priorities as needed.
  • Leave detailed message on voicemail when absent directing callers to proper back ups.
  • Cover other staff in office for sick relief or vacation as needed.
  • Make appointments with drug reps for the doctors.

Fax and photocopy

  • Check fax machine at Program Secretary Desk in 804B regularly for any incoming faxes from 787-4063 (Jenalyn Uygen, Surgical Office Assistant to Dr. Lipshitz and Dr. McKay, Radiology Rounds Co-ordinator for Dr. Michael Cantor's Radiology Rounds) phone 204-787-1127. Fax 204-787-4851.

Other items that would arrive at this fax # is Endoscopy Requests for Dr. Bernstein, insurance documents for all Gastroenterology physicians)

  • If we receive a prescription request on our fax, return to sender via fax with a coversheet advising them to redirect their prescription request to the clinic fax (204-940-8176) and that our copy will be destroyed.
  • Fax and/or photocopy any insurance, MPI, WCB or disability documents, and send to billing Physician Billing Services and keep copy in binders. These copies do not go on HSC chart.
  • These packages are picked up every Monday morning, write #1 on the envelope for Dr. Bernstein AND write #2 for Dr. Targownik, Dr. Cantor & Dr. Singh, as per the physician's

In-patient consults from hsc and other hospitals

  • Consults are faxed to us from HSC and other hospitals.
  • They are to be sent down to clinic to be scanned to Accuro.

Mail deliveries

  • Cost Centre # (SAP): 10400279
  • Accept and distribute any mail to physicians and deliveries received.
  • Sign for deliveries from Fedex etc.
  • Sign for courier packages for M. Sargent - these typically contain specimens and must be either delivered directly to him or refrigerated immediately in the 817c lab fridge.

Capsule Study Faxes

These are results from Colonoscopies for Dr. Bernstein's research These are faxed to our office and and placed in the black tray on the corner of Emma's desk for Dr. Bernstein to retrieve.

Other duties

  • Do HSC Timekeeping every Thursday.
  • Send DOCSS in each month for physicians in the section for their on-call schedule (See Appendix # 3)
  • On Monday, collect all billings and send to Physician Billing Services
  • Help other staff in office when needed.
  • Remind the doctors of upcoming meetings.
  • Do Pathology and Radiology Rounds for Dr. Michael Cantor.
  • Update patient database on blue password protected jumpdrive and file endoscopic ultrasound for Dr. Charles Bernstein.
  • Upon physician request, pull patient private charts in the office if the doctor needs the chart for clinic.
  • Research Ethics Board (REB) - Dr. Singh's REB files are located in room 804B and Dr. Bernstein's are located at 804B second drawer. Upon request, complete the Annual Study Status from, by searching on the University of Manitoba's website for the most current form.

Endoscopy and Gastroscopy Reports

  • Physicians will leave Endoscopy and Gastroscopy Reports in their offices for collection each morning, Mail Endoscopy and Gastroscopy Reports to referring physicians and send copies to clinic to be scanned into Accuro. The cover letters do not need to be sent to clinic (these go to referring physicians only) Dr. Bernstein will provide the reports to be scanned into Accuro only (his do not get sent to referring physician). * Dr. Singh & Dr. Cantor will provide reports to be mailed to referring physician, in addition to being sent to clinic. Check that both copies are provided and create copies if needed (they do not need to be sent in colour to referring physician.

General billing

  • Collect all billing (6 month cut-off period from the date of service for claim submission effective January 1, 2018) from all the physicians and on Monday send to:

Physician Billing Services

The official contact for Gastroenterology billing is:

Rosario Padilla
Office No. (204) 988-4869
Fax No.: (204) 988-4870

Note: Dr. Bernstein will already put a copy of his clinic day sheet in his billing envelope to be sent to MD Practice. He will leave a copy for entry into the GI database

Supplies, maintenance, housekeeping

Section meetings and minutes

  • Gastroenterology Section Meetings
    • held the first Monday of each month except July and August and are held in the Rehab Board Room starting at 5:00 PM
    • The Minutes of the meeting and Agenda are sent out at least a week ahead of time and a copy is kept in a binder on filing cabinet.
    • Participate and take minutes at the Rehab Medicine Section meeting and transcribe minutes of meeting.
    • The section meetings are confidential and any information discussed at these meetings shall be kept confidential and released to individuals on a need to know basis or on the approval or at the request of the Section Head - Gastroenterology only.
  • GI Research Meeting are held the first Thursday of each month and are held at the JBRC800 Boardroom.
    • The Minutes of the meeting are sent out the day of meeting and a copy is kept in a binder on filing cabinet.

Physician absence notification

Program Secretary handles the Physician Absence notifications. When a physician is going to be away, send an email to the section notifying the other physicians of the absence. Complete a clinic and/or endoscopy cancellation form for planned absences.


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