Program Administrator Vacation Coverage

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Education Program Administrator Vacation Coverage

program administrator coverage checklist - endocrinology

Sign-over for coverage of more than two days must occur on a face-to-face basis. It must address the following items:

Office Key, Voice Mail, Email

  • Suzanne Doyle has the key to all Program Administrator offices.
  • Voice Mail: Program Administrator will indicated on voice mail that they are currently away and will return calls upon return. Contact person for urgent issues will be on the outgoing voice mail message, as well as email automatic replies (Out of Office)

call schedules

orientation packages for rotating trainees

rotation schedules

  • PA will email covering PA an updated copy of rotation schedules.

endo rounds

program administrator coverage checklist - adult allergy & clinical immunology

call schedules

  • Call schedule for staff only - done by Jadianne Shore - secretary

orientation packages

  • Will be sent out prior to Program Admin's vacation this includes the schedule for the following period if starting while Program Admin away
  • rotating med students will receive ACCURO access by Undergrad

academic half day

  • Held every Wednesday starting at Noon in FE113. Academic Half Day is Resident run across the country and televised across the country.
  • Objectives for half day are sent to everyone via email the week of half day by the current Chief Resident (Chief Residents across the country take turns with this responsibility)