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The Program Administrator - Rheumatology is involved in many things, see #Related Articles. The role is currently held by:

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Additional Info

Program Administrator
Section Rheumatology
Specialty/Subspecialty program: Rheumatology Subspecialty Education Program

The Program Administrator - Rheumatology is one of our team of Program Administrators; see that page for more general info about all of them.


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Vacation Coverage

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Rounds' Schedule / Academic Half-Day (AHD)

  • Rheumatology AHD is Thursday mornings

call schedules

  • The PA will coordinate call schedule changes with the Senior Rheumatology resident. The Program Administrator will send the Senior Rheumatology resident a draft template created by the secretary in Rheumatology. The Senior Rheumatology resident will contact the rotating residents and slot them in. The Program Administrator will e-mail the call schedule once it's complete, and fax it to those listed on the fax list.

orientation package for rotating residents

  • The PA will provide an orientation package in advance to the rotating resident starting. An e-mail with orientation instructions will be provided.

rotation schedules

  • The PA will e-mail the PA covering for them with an updated copy of the rotation schedule. Daily assignments will be entered in VENTIS.

city wide rounds

  • The PA will set up and take down for City Wide Rounds. The PA covering will complete the set up and take down process. City Wide Rounds take place Thursdays at 9:00am-10:00am in 800 JBRC.

core curriculum

  • The PA will set up for Core Curriculum. The PA covering will set up for Core Curriculum. Some sessions may not require a laptop or projector. The PA to inquire with the Physician directly.

Rheumatology Residents Room

  • First Door: RS015
  • Second Door: RS015C
  • Access is with key

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