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The Program Administrator - Geriatric Medicine is involved in many things, see #Related Articles. The role is currently held by:

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Additional Info

Program Administrator
Section Geriatric Medicine
Specialty/Subspecialty program: Geriatric Medicine Subspecialty Education Program

The Program Administrator - Geriatric Medicine is one of our team of Program Administrators; see that page for more general info about all of them.




The following will actually display the data entered above:

Doer Receiver Type Details
Doer Receiver Type Details
Eli Miranda Postgraduate Program Director - Geriatric Medicine Geriatric RPC Meetings RPC Meetings are typically held the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 pm at St. Boniface Day Hospital, 69B Goulet St. Meetings discontinue over the summer months (July & Aug). The Program Administrator - takes minutes, distributes to the group and keeps record of.


Annual Tasks

  • Book rooms for Seminar teachings and Academic Half Days

CaRMS Tasks

  • Determine interview dates
  • Book rooms for interviews - book 1-2 extra rooms than there are interviewers, just in case, and book a spare room for you and a spare room for the residents to wait in
  • Review previous CaRMS schedule
  • Draft new schedule

Monthly Tasks

  • Resident schedules
  • Assessments

Block Tasks

Preparing for upcoming blocks

  • E-mail upcoming rotators no less than two weeks prior to the upcoming block with the below info:
  1. First day instructions
  2. Resident call and clinical schedule
  3. Orientation package information which they can find in Entrada

Orientations for upcoming Rotators

  • Orientations are usually done by the receiving preceptor.
  • Refer to the First day instructions available in the Entrada community

Review the Rounds Schedules

  • Determine presenter for each date
  • Confirm each presenter 1 week before their presentation
    • topic of discussion and objectives

Weekly Tasks

  • Seminar Teaching Sessions are held every Monday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. If meetings are held virtually, make sure a calendar invite with the virtual meeting link is sent to the teaching faculty, as well as the resident/student rotators at least 3 days before the teaching session.
  • Geriatric Medicine Rounds also occur on Monday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Send out the rounds memo to the Section Rounds/Baycrest Rounds Memo List_Geriatric Medicine distribution list at least 4 days prior to the next meeting.
  • Send out Lime Survey needs to be distributed to the group on Tuesdays for the Geriatric Medicine Rounds held the day before.

Vacation coverage info

Sign-over for coverage of more than two days must occur on a face-to-face basis. It must address the following items:

Office Key, Voice Mail, Email

  • Voice Mail: Program Administrator will indicate on voice mail that they are currently away and will return calls upon return. Contact person for urgent issues will be on the outgoing voice mail message, as well as e-mail automatic replies (Out of Office)

Call Schedules

  • Program admin who is covering will be provided with an updated copy of call schedules

Rotation Schedules

  • Program admin who is covering will be provided with an updated copy of rotation schedules.


Geriatric Medicine is assigned a number of Med 1 and Med 2 sessions starting in the fall of the academic year, usually October and ending usually early May.

Geriatric Admin liaises with Program Director and UGME to review schedule as it becomes available. Once schedule is confirmed, Geriatric Admin arranges room booking at off-campus sites (e.g. SBH, RHC, DLC and SOGH). Advance notice is required as rooms are difficult to obtain if left too late. Also, once a draft date is known for disabilities session, Geriatric Admin will contact Alzheimer Society to clarify availability for session.


  • Geriatric Admin and Program Director receive e-mail from UGME with drafted schedule.
  • Geriatric Admin reviews draft with Program Director. Program Director communicates with UGME, making changes as needed and communicates changes with Geriatric Admin. Geriatric Admin then sends drafted scheduled to geriatric faculty and associate faculty in preparation for assigning teachers.
  • Once faculty and associate faculty have responded with availability, Geriatric Admin sends calendar appointments. Geriatric Admin e-mails UGME with names of faculty assigned as well as rooms/sites booked for each student group per date. Tutors and locations are scheduled into Entrada (University program), along with notes/handouts and any specific instructions to students.
  • Program Director revises session notes from previous year, as needed, and sends to Geriatric Admin to send to UGME for uploading to students, and also to send by e-mail to teachers assigned to respective sessions.
  • Geriatric Admin obtains student lists from Entrada and prepares attendance sheets for the off-campus sessions. Admin then sends attendance sheets to teachers assigned to each respective site and each site returns the signed sheets either by scan/e-mail or by fax to Geriatric Admin. Students who do not sign sheets are marked as absent in Entrada. Students are expected to notify Geriatric Admin if unable to attend session. If space available, student may be allowed to attend an alternate date if session available.
  • Geriatric Admin revises/updates documents for experiencing disabilities session and liaises with Alzheimer's Society educator regarding on-campus booked rooms (HSC campus) and also notes for session.

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