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Program Administrator
Section General Internal Medicine
Specialty/Subspecialty program: General Internal Medicine Subspecialty Education Program

The Program Administrator - General Internal Medicine is one of our team of Program Administrators; see that page for more general info about all of them.

The role is currently held by:

Processes / Responsibilities

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Responsibilities regarding incoming R4s to GIM


  • In January, let Dr. Thomas Jacob know how many new incoming R4s there are. (Both R4s & R5s participate in Boot Camp as Instructors) Boot Camp is held in the CLSF Lab.

  • In December of each year, contact Anesthesia for the Peri Op Rotations (Pushpini (Penny) Nanayakkara,, and Calgary for the OBIM Rotation (Karen Ratushny, , and Program Administrator - Critical Care to secure the blocks
  • in January of each year, remind the Program Director to send another welcome email to the incoming R4s
  • in January of each year, email incoming R4s to set up their meeting with the Program Director
  • in February of each year, meet with the incoming R4s to discuss their schedule for for the upcoming academic year
  • in February, contact incoming R4s to ask first and second choice of vacation and who research-specific supervisor will be

  • in April of each year, as the incoming R4s who their Long Clinics are with, then in the Resident Contact Info List, and the (Resident Manual) 4) Long Clinic Assignments for GIM (the one labelled "not for residents")
  • In April of each year, update the Excel File List of Residents - it is the list that determines our REF Allocations (N Drive, Postgrad - All, List - Resident List by Alpha 201X-202X
    • in the appropriate tab
      • Enter incoming residents
      • Enter graduating residents

Responsibilities regarding outgoing R5s from GIM

  • Remind R5s to finish their schedules to the end of the ear
  • Cross reference the master schedule to the resident's individual schedule

Information Systems


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File Shares

This role uses the following file shares:

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